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Churches and Basilicas

Pagina di snodo Tassonomia
Chiesa di Sant'Ivo alla Sapienza
Corso del Rinascimento, 40

The church of S.Ivo alla Sapienza stands inside the small courtyard of the Palazzo della Sapienza, the ancient University of Rome from the 15th century until 1935 when it became th

Chiesa di Santa Bibiana
Via Giovanni Giolitti, 154

Descrizione: SANTA BIBIANA Its façade has been Bernini’s first architectural work. The church was built instead of a building owned by the Bibiana family.

Santa Caterina ai Funari
Via dei Funari

Its origin dates back to C.XII and recalls the name of the rope-makers, once very numerous in the area.

il buco della serratura del cancello del Priorato dei Cavalieri di Malta
Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta, 4

The church, belonging to the Sovereign Order of Malta, was completely renovated and re-decorated by Gian Battista Piranesi.

Santa Maria dell'Orazione e Morte
Via Giulia, 262

The church of Santa Maria dell'Orazione e della Morte extended itself over the cemetery of a brotherhood that was here founded during C.XVI to gather up the unknown corpses and give them a christia

Chiesa di Santa Maria della Concezione
Via Vittorio Veneto, 27

The Church of Santa Maria della Concezione of the Capuchins, which is more frequently referred to as Nostra Signora della Concezione, is certainly one of the most

Chiesa Santa Maria della Pace
Arco della Pace, 5

In a semi-hidden corner a few steps from Piazza Navona, you can see one of the Renaissance and Baroque jewels of Rome: the Church of Santa Maria della Pace.

Santa Maria in Via - La facciata della chiesa vista da Largo Chigi
Via del Mortaro, 24

In the night between 26 and 27 September 1256, the waters of the well of a stable owned by Cardinal Pietro Capocci, a Roman noble related to the Colonna, the Orsini and the Cenci,

Chiesa di Santa Maria Maddalena in Campo Marzio
Piazza della Maddalena, 53

SANTA MARIA IN CAMPO MARZIO The origin of the church is earlier than the first half of C.VIII.

Chiesa di Santo Stefano Rotondo al Celio
Via di Santo Stefano Rotondo, 7

One of Italy’s most antique churches with a round plan, probably built during C.V and consecrated to religion by Pope Simplicio at the end of C.V.

Chiesa di Sant’Urbano
Via Appia Pignatelli, 65

This is an ancient temple built, converted into a church in the ninth century, overlooking the valley of the River Almone, today the Valley of the Caffarella.

San Giovanni dei Fiorentini
Piazza dell'oro

The church of San Giovanni dei Fiorentini was built for the first Pope Medici, Leo X, who started up a competition for the construction of the building.

San Giovanni in Oleo
Porta Latina

Church presenting a Renaissance style, it was built in the early C. XVI. It was located in the Marmorata district, where the grandiose warehouses of antique Rome were located.

Santa Maria in Vallicella
Piazza della Chiesa Nuova, 1

The figure of San Filippo Neri, ”Apostolo di Roma”, canonized in 1622, is historically tied to the church of Santa Maria in Vallicella.

Santi Quattro Coronati - Facciata e cortili
Via dei Santi Quattro, 20

A medieval fortress in the centre of Rome.

San Francesco a Ripa -  Estasi della Beata Ludovica del Bernini
Piazza San Francesco d'Assisi, 88

Located in the historic Trastevere district, San Francesco a Ripa Grande is the first Franciscan church in Rome, today a Sanctuary, and the place

Largo Terzo millennio, 8

Our first glimpse of U.S. Architect Richard Meier’s Church “Dives in Misecordia” appears to be that of a ship in full sail.

Il mantello del Papa
Via Nomentana, 349

An aged-old ceremony is annually celebrated in the Basilica of Sant’Agnese (Via Nomentana 349) on the feast of this saint.

Lungotevere de' Cenci

In 1870, with the end of the papal rule over the city, Rome became the new capital of Italy. Jews finally regained their civil rights and were free to settle anywhere throughout the city.

Chiesa dei Santi Bartolomeo e Alessandro dei Bergamaschi
Via di Pietra, 70

In 1500 in Rome there is a large presence of Bergamo people, a town located in Northern Italy, 60 km away from Milan: workers, artisans, wool and silk merchants, couriers, magistra

Viale Della Moschea, 85

The Mosque of Rome , inaugurated in 1995, is one of the biggest in Europe. It is an very important reference point for Muslims living in the Capital.

Monastero delle Oblate di Santa Francesca Romana a Tor de' Specchi
Via del Teatro di Marcello, 32

The Monastery of Tor de 'Specchi is located at the foot of the Capitol Hill, between the basilica of Santa Maria in Aracoeli and the Teatro di Marcello.

San Benedetto in Piscinula
Piazza In Piscinula, 40

The splendid Piazza in Piscinula opens out as you walk along Via della Lungaretta, at Isola Tiberina.  Tradition has it that the church in the square, San Benedetto i

San Giorgio in Velabro
Via del Velabro, 19

This small church is located behind the Arco di Giano (Arch of Janus).

San Luigi dei Francesi
Piazza di San Luigi de' Francesi, 5

The French National Church, founded by Cardinal Giulio dei Medici (future Pope Clement VII) in 1518, was completed in 1589 by Domenico Fontana, based on a design by Giacomo

Chiesa di San Nicola da Tolentino - Facciata
Salita di San Nicola da Tolentino, 17

Located in the Rione Trevi, on the ascent of the same name, the Church of San Nicola da Tolentino was erected, among vineyards and gardens, on the orders of Pope C

Santa Maria della Vittoria
Via XX Settembre, 17

Located at the intersection of via XX Settembre and largo di Santa Susanna, the church of Santa Maria della Vittoria represents one of the most important examples of the Baroque period

Piazza Costaguti

In Rione Sant'Angelo, in piazza Costaguti, is an amazing little temple, built in 1759 to protect an icon of Santa Maria del Carmelo (or of Mount Lebanon).

Via del Babuino, 153

In 1880 this church belonging to the anglican cult was built for the English residents and the visitors of Rome. The task was entrusted to the English architect George Edmund Street.

Piazza dei Santi Apostoli, 51

The Basilica dei SS.

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