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In a hurry to get about town and don’t want to use public transport? Call a taxi company. The sole number to dial a taxi is 060609.

For a list of the 65 taxi ranks in Rome and further more detailed information about the service, visit website
For full info about fares go to

Taxis licensed by Rome City Council are white and have a sign bearing the word “TAXI” on their roofs. The symbol of Rome City Council is clearly visible on the front doors and the license inside the back left. Other vehicles may well be driven by unauthorized persons and the fare could therefore be a great deal higher.

When possible, it is advisable to go to a taxi rank or call for one by telephone. A taxi may be booked for airports, railway stations and hospital via Radiotaxi. As explained below, a further cost is added when calling via Radiotaxi.


The Rome City Council number to telephone for a taxi is 060609. An automatic answering machine (in Italian only) asks that the number of the city borough from the call be dialled so that the nearest taxi rank may be contacted.


The fares are based on the following criteria:
Sole progressive taxi metre rates are valid throughout the municipality, working on a unit basis calculated according to kilometres travelled and time accumulated for each journey;
• Fares are not higher than the annual inflation rates issued by the National Statistics Bureau Istat;
• Fares are reduced for women travelling alone at night, as well as journeys to hospitals and for youngsters leaving discos on Friday and Saturday nights subject to prior agreement having been stipulated with club in question.

Fare details:

- Set fare on departure during weekdays (6 a.m. – 10 p.m.) €3
- Set fare on departure during weekends (6 a.m. – 10 p.m.) €4.50
- Set fare on departure at night (10 p.m. – 6 a.m.) €6.50

- Hourly rate Euro/per hour applicable for a speed less than 20 km./per hour €27

- T1 for speeds higher than 20 km per hour: € 1,10 per km.
- T2 for speeds higher than 20 km per hour: € 1,30 per km
- T3 for speeds higher than 20 km per hour: € 1,60 per km

T1 becomes T2 when an amount of € 11 is added to the initial set fare on the metre display ; from this moment the second fare rate kicks in (T2= € 1,30) until the metre shows another added amount of € 13; from this moment the third fare rate kicks in (T£= € 1,60) until the end of the journey.
A 10% reduction of the amount displayed on the taxi metre is applicable in the following cases:
-  journeys to hospitals in Rome
- for women travelling alone at night
- for youngsters leaving discos on Friday and Saturday nights subject to prior agreement having been stipulated with club in question.


Largo Torre Argentina (between Pantheon & Trastevere), Piazza Fiume (Villa Borghese), Piazza Venezia, Piazza G. Belli (Trastevere), Piazzale Ostiense, Piazza S.Silvestro (Fontana di Trevi), Piazza dei Cinquecento (Termini Station), Piazzale della Stazione Tiburtina, Metro A Anagnina, Piazzale della Stazione del Lido (Ostia), Piazza Risorgimento (Vatican).
- Make sure the taxi metre (placed above the dashboard or attached to the upper part of the front windscreen) is switched on prior to starting journey, if not ask driver to get it going.
- Always ask to be given a receipt. The receipt must include the following information: details of the journey, the licence number, the fare and the driver’s signature.
- In the event of a problem or dispute, call Traffic Wardens at the number of 0667104282 or send an e-mail to and report it on the site
-   Complaints/Demands for compensation may also be sent to:
Dipartimento Mobilità e Trasporti, Commissione di Garanzia,
Via Capitan Bavastro 94, 00154, Roma.
-    Taxi drivers may not refuse service; may not select passengers; may not carry more passengers than is indicated in the vehicle’s logbook; must charge the amount indicated by the taximeter except for those routes where there is a fixed tariff; must request that passengers fasten their seat belts if they have not done so.

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