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Rome by bicycle

Discovering Rome riding: quite another charm!

For enthusiasts of cycling there are a few tips to get around in the Eternal City on two wheels along the most characteristic streets without worrying about finding parking.

If you don’t have a bike in Rome you can rent one, in one of the bike rentals (list on

If you are tired and the goal to be achieved seems too far away, do not worry on holidays, for the duration of the service, and in the evening after 8.00pm are allowed the access of bicycles on the metro lines A and B and the railway line Rome-Lido. The passenger and bicycle are allowed only on the first carriage in the direction of travel of the train.

For subscribers of Metrebus your bicycle is free of charge, or for each bicycle must be purchased a ticket. The folding bicycles do not have to pay the ticket and are admitted every day and for the duration of the service.
For Metrebus subscribers, the transport of the bicycle is free, otherwise the bicycle must also have a ticket unlike folding bicycles which are allowed every day and for the entire duration of the service. Groups (consisting of more than 5 bicycles) must be reported at least 24 hours in advance to or to

And if riding seems too difficult for you, but you can not give up the charm of the two wheels, the Capital offers the possibility to rent electric pedal assisted bike and visit Rome will be, no doubt, easier!
Just outside the Aurelian Walls bicycles paths, rent bicycles and especially nature and art await you.

The Appia Antica park is the ideal place for lovers of two wheels; on the bike you can discover the wonders of the via Appia Antica (Mausoleum of Cecilia Metella, the Villa of Massenzio, the Catacombs), the Park of the Aqueducts and all the Valle della Caffarella.

And much more, bike lanes in Rome will allow you to ride around the city on the Tiber, in Villa Borghese and beyond the border of the capital.

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