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Pagina di snodo Tassonomia
Auditorium di Mecenate
Largo Leopardi

Walking along via Merulana, about halfway between the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore and

Aula Isiaca con la Loggia Mattei foto sito Parco archeologico del Colosseo

The Aula Isiaca is an underground room of Augustus' house found under the basilica of the Domus Flavia on the

Piazza Pietro d'Illiria

To discover the Roman views from the Aventine hill, you can start from piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta, that owes its present look to the hand of the painter, engraver, archaeologist and architect

Foto Soprintendenza Speciale Archeologia Belle Arti e Paesaggio di Roma
Via delle Quattro Fontane, 13

A hidden jewel in the historic center of Rome, a fascinating and mysterious little monument with a suggestive atmosphere: the so-called Barberini Mithraeum was discovered by chance in 1936 in the b

Basilica di Generosa foto sito ufficiale
Via Catacombe di Generosa

The basilica stands along via Portuense and was built at the behest of Pope Damasus - in the 4th century AD - within the catacombs of Generosa where the martyrs

Clivo di Venere Felice

Those of you who have already been to the Capitoline Museums will certainly have admired the fr

Mausoleo di Santa Costanza
Via Nomentana, 349

This Basilica was built in 324, at the behest of Constance daughter of the emperor Constantine, above the ruins of a cemetery and catacombs that housed the remains of the Saint.

Basilica e Sepolcreto di Pianabella foto sito Parco archeologico di Ostia Antica
Via di Piana Bella

The basilica is located near the modern cemetery of Ostia, along a plain crossed by ancient cemetery roads.

Basilica Hilariana al Celio foto sito ufficiale
Largo della Sanità Militare

The basilica is located inside the Celio Military Hospital and dates back to the mid-2nd century AD.

Basilica Neopitagorica di Porta Maggiore
Via Prenestina, 17

The building was accidentally found in 1917 under the Rome-Naples railway. There are various hypotheses on its use.

Basilica Ulpia nel Foro di Traiano Foto Sovrintendenza
Foro Traiano, 1

The Basilica Ulpia, built by the architect Apollodorus of Damascus at the behest of the Emperor Trajan between 106 and 113 AD, is located near the

Bocca della Verità
Piazza della Bocca della Verità, 18

In Piazza Bocca della Verità is the ancient marble mask, one of th

Borgo di Isola Farnese
Via dell'Isola Farnese

Perched on a volcanic cliff, a few kilometers north of Rome, lies this delightful village.

Villa Ada Savoia - Bunker
Via Panama, 55

The Savoy air-raid shelter, surrounded by the thick vegetation of the large park of Villa Ada, opens for the fir

Via Nomentana, 70

The areas were initially opened to the public in 2006 and closed shortly thereafter due to the radon levels in the rooms.

Piazza del Grillo, 1

The House of the Knights of Rhodes is the result of a stratification of several centuries.

Casa dei Crescenzi
Via Luigi Petroselli, 54

Located in the Rione Ripa, opposite the

Casa di Augusto sul Palatino foto sito Parco archeologico del Colosseo
Via di San Gregorio, 30

The House of Augustus on the Palatine Hill is one of the most important monuments of th

Casa di Diana, Insula di Giove e Ganimede ed Insula delle Pareti Gialle foto sito Parco di Ostia Antica

The insulae and domus are among the most important finds that can be visited today in the

Casa di Fiammetta
Piazza Fiammetta, 16

The charming two-story 15th-century building, with its altana and porch, is linked to the name and history of Fiammetta Michaelis.

Casa di Livia
Via di San Gregorio, 30

The building was built on the Palatine Hill in the first half of the 1st century b.C.,

Casa protostorica di Fidene foto Sovrintendenza archeologica
Via Quarrata, s.n.c.

The protohistoric house is located near Castel Giubileo in Rome, in the area where the ancient city of Fidenae once stood and reproduces, in full scale,

Casal Rotondo foto sito ufficiale
Via Appia Antica

Along the via Appia Antica, at the sixth mile, is Casal Rotondo, the largest circular mausoleum of th

Casale e Mausoleo di Castel di Guido foto Soprintendenza
Piazza di Castel di Guido, 8

The area known in Roman times as Lorium, was the first coach house of the Via Aurelia, located at the XII mile of the consular road.

Foto profilo Facebook Soprintendenza Speciale Roma
Via Barlassina, 1

A casale surrounded by greenery, built by incorporating an ancient Roman monument inside it, an imposing four-faced arch from the fourth century AD.

Casale Sant'Eusebio foto sito Facebook
Via Torre Sant'Eusebio, 146

The casale of Sant’Eusebio, built between the 12th and 13th centuries, stands along the via Tiburtina near the Aniene river, in a dominant positio

Clivo di Scauro

On the slopes of the Celio, underneath the

Casina dei Pierleoni
Via del Teatro di Marcello, 5

Between the 1920s and 1930s, the urban fabric of this part of the city was disrupted for work on the isolation of the