One state living in another: Italy and the Vatican. The Vatican is the world’s  tiniest  sovereign state, whose centre is the magnificent St. Peter’s Basilica, where the Pope recites the Angelus prayers every Sunday. Its Basilica is a “must” for anyone coming to Rome.

Do however  remember to dress properly. The wearing of short skirts or short trousers and sleeveless dresses inside the Basilica is not allowed. The Vatican State also includes the splendid Vatican Museums.

Among the most important and interesting in the world, a visit to the museum however does require a great deal of energy and patience. Queuing times may be shortened by booking online.

The alleys encompassing the Vatican are part of the “Borgo”  district, narrow, dimly-lit roads, packed with restaurants and souvenir shops which sharply contrast with the spacious, broad  Via della Conciliazione.

The Prati district offers an altogether different atmosphere which, with its shop-lined roads, attracts the serious shopper.

The places of the district

Basilica of St. Peter in the Vatican

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Vatican Gardens

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Foro italico

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The Flower Market

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Vatican museums and Sistine Chapel

The magnificent and immense Vatican Museums are among the greatest and most important in the world. [...]