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The Mint Museum of Rome

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Inaugurated in its new location in Via Salaria in 2016, the Mint Museum traces its origins back to the ancient Papal Mint in Rome at the end of the 18th century.

Founded in 1824 as the Pontifical Cabinet of Medals, it was acquired by the Government of the Kingdom of Italy in 1870, further enriching its collection with new deposits, purchases and donations.

The Italian Republic officially established the Mint Museum in 1958, and in 1978, when the State Mint passed to the then Polygraphic Institute, its magnificent numismatic collections merged with an exceptional heritage of vintage machinery, some of which are still working.

The collection includes over 20,000 pieces among coins, medals, minting objects and wax models: 
- the coins: a rich collection of issues of Italian and foreign countries from the Middle Ages to the present day, including patterns and trials; 
- the medals: outstanding works by the most illustrious artists of all times;
- the minting and punches: tools from the pontifical collection and some of those used for devotional medals; 
- the wax models: a series of models for medals and cameos, with 425 waxworks by the famous Roman engraver Benedetto Pistrucci, the creator of the famous golden pound, of which you can admire studies and original models in the Museum.

The exhibition path, divided into two sections on two levels, accompanies the visitors on an unmissable journey through time among rare and precious objects, old crafts, and virtual reconstructions of ancient workplaces, enriched by the remains of an evocative mausoleum from the Roman imperial age.

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Museo della Zecca di Roma, Via Salaria, 712
Via Salaria, 712
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