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    Lose your passport, lose your holiday
    Lose your passport, lose your holiday Rome City Council and the British Embassy in Rome are [...]
    Public transport in Rome goes “Bike Friendly”
    The number of ATAC routes that accept bicycles aboard has been increased, and the Roma – [...]
      The restoration work on the Trevi Fountain is now underway. But this particular restoration work [...]

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    Eating Slow
    The section that every 15 days suggest you a genuine itinerary in the most authentic culinary Rome.
    Rome as never seen before!Divided into districts, learn how to get about town.
    Itineraries in Rome
    Want to be seduced by the charm of one of the historic centre's districts or take a boat trip on the Tiber right through the heart of the city? Find out in the "Itinerary Section".
    Of Further Interest
    Even the most informed are probably not acquainted with all the ins and outs, tales and legends of the eternal city. Quench your thirst to find out more.

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