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Food & Wine

Pagina di snodo Tassonomia

The jolly invasion of the peasant kitchen

It is a feast for the palate, an almost poignant symphony of flavors and aromas, one of those dishes so heavenly, in short, that you might experience a twinge of “nostalgia for the present” as you

Pinsa Romana

Crumbly, fragrant and, above all, very light, the Pinsa Romana is among the latest gastronomic trends to have conquered the palates of the Capital and beyond!

La Pizza

Pizza, a Roman passion

For the Romans, pizza has always been a pretext for a tasty breakfast, a substantial snack, a delicious snack or a full meal.

Pasta e broccoli in brodo d'arzilla

La Quaresima nella cucina romana è caratterizzata da piatti della tradizione e da ricette antiche e semplici

La Stracciatella alla romana

The indissoluble bond with one's gastronomic traditions is renewed mainly during the festive season when people share the pleasures of good food seated around a


In some traditional Roman dishes, we can find evident signs of the millenary Jewish presence in the Capital.

In the Roman tradition, May Day, also called Maggetto, is totally associated with fresh broad beans and pecorino, a tasty, nutrit


Rome's cuisine: intense and genuine flavors and a strong identity

Le spezie e gli odori nella cucina romana

At the time of the Roman Empire, spices and herbs were used to enhance dining pleasure.

Fiori di zucca

Rome, the city of great emperors, popes, and working-class people described by the poet

Rosetta con mortadella

Una pausa gastronomica veloce, consumata all’aperto

A mathematically beautiful superfood

I carciofi

Il principe "verde" della cucina romana

Colazione romana di Pasqua

Taste many sweet and savory dishes for a delicious and abundant meal

La carbonara

One of the most popular dishes of traditional Roman cuisine

I peperoni

The Romans historically love vegetables, so much to make them the protagonists of many preparations of the rural tradition, simple but tasty.

“Mica pizza e fichi”, it’s not pizza and figs!

Pomodori con il riso

With the arrival of summer, tomatoes with rice are a must for the Capitoline gastronomy: colourful, tasty and fragrant, a real explosion of Mediterranean aromas.

Saltimbocca alla romana ph. Gambero Rosso

«Veal chops of milk, seasoned lightly with salt and pepper, on top of each of which is placed half a leaf of sage (a whole would be too much) and on the sage a slice of fat and lean ham.».

Sauté di Lupini

Since the times of Imperial Rome, when the Roman Empire extended from the Atlantic Ocean to the Caspian Sea, tasty preparations and condiments were dedicated to fi

Spaghetti cacio e pepe

Una ricetta semplice ma carica di storia


One of the most delicious recipes of traditional Roman cuisine

Trippa alla romana ph. Gambero Rosso

Trippa alla Romana is a very ancient dish of the typical Roman cuisine which is traditionally eaten on Saturday lunch in many trattorias in Trastevere and

Bucatini all'Amatriciana

A few simple, first-rate ingredients are enough to give life to one of the most extraordinary and iconic dishes of

Uva Pizzutello

Sweet, crunchy and pulpy: it is the Pizzutello grape, characteristic of the area of Tivoli

Vignarola romana

A real hymn to Spring, Vignarola is a simple recipe from the rural tradition.