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Pizza e fichi

In Rome a pizza has always been a good excuse for a snack or as a full meal, or simply something to nibble at any hour of the day. Amongst the typical traditional pizzas in Roman cuisine the simple plain pizza or pizza bianca stands out from the rest, bought from the baker and eaten mid-morning, or filled, in season, with slices of cured ham and peeled figs for pizza prosciutto e fichi, a unique and delicious combination.

However, Rome has pushed beyond the bounds of traditions and has created a new pizza era, transforming the capital into a place where the pizzeria, selling it in slices (al taglio) or served whole on a plate, is a place of synthesis between traditions, authenticity and genuineness of the products and selection of the ingredients, including the sourdough used to prepare the dough which must be completely natural.
There are pizza chefs with great passion, who sometimes unite classic recipes from Roman cuisine, such as tripe or coda alla vaccinara (oxtail stew) with pizza, giving us intense emotions and unique flavours.

We suggest that as soon as the season is right, you take the time to prepare the most typical Roman pizza recipe, ham and figs, at home, and to try the many proposals of the new era of Roman pizzas directly in the restaurants.

The recipe: pizza prosciutto e fichi
Ingredients for 4 people:
•    4 slices of plain pizza from the baker's
•    Extra virgin olive oil PDO
•    Cured ham
•    A few figs

How to make it
Cut the slices of ham horizontally and oil lightly with extra virgin olive oil, arrange on the slices of pizza and add two or three peeled and opened figs.

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