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Pagina di snodo Tassonomia
Female Archer, 2013, Collezione privata, Ph. A. Novelli © Galleria Borghese-Ministero della Cultura  © Damien Hirst and Science Ltd.
depuis 8 Juin 2021 à 7 Novembre 2021
Piazzale del Museo Borghese, 5

A new solo exhibition by the British artist presenting over 80 works from the Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable series, hosted in the sumptuous

Fabio Ferrone Viola - Papillon Flag
depuis 28 Mai 2021 à 31 Juillet 2021
Via Vittoria Colonna, 9

"Pop Art is a way of loving things", said the eclectic Andy Warhol, one of the protagonists of the exhibition dedicated to the relationship between Pop Art

Women in Comics
depuis 28 Mai 2021 à 11 Juillet 2021
Via Merulana, 121

Preceded by four meetings in streaming, the extraordinary collective of 22 American artists who “made the history of North American comics” arrives in Rome in a European exclusive,

World Press Photo Exhibition 2021
depuis 28 Mai 2021 à 22 Août 2021
Piazza Orazio Giustiniani, 4

"For me, this is a story about hope and love in the most difficult moments.

Madonna del Latte, particolare - foto Alberto Novelli
depuis 19 Mai 2021 à 11 Juillet 2021
Via delle Quattro Fontane, 13

«I am in love with Murillo's Virgin in the Corsini Gallery.
Her head follows me everywhere and her eyes keep appearing in front of me like dancing lanterns»

Guido Reni, Le quattro stagioni - Napoli, Museo e Real Bosco di Capodimonte
depuis 15 Mai 2021 à 3 Octobre 2021
Via delle Quattro Fontane, 13
Triade capitolina, Guidonia Montecelio, Museo Civico Archeologico “RodolfoLanciani”, Foto Giovanni Coccia
depuis 14 Mai 2021 à 25 Juillet 2021
Via 24 Maggio, 16

Iuravit in mea verba tota Italia sponte sua”, that is “All of Italy willingly swore an oath to me”: evoking in its title Augustus’ words, who in the Res Gestae attributed to the w

Arte e Natura. Opere dalle collezioni capitoline di arte contemporanea
depuis 12 Mai 2021 à 19 Septembre 2021
Viale Fiorello La Guardia, 6
Back to Nature 2021. Arte Contemporanea a Villa Borghese - Seconda edizione. Foto Sovrintendenza Capitolina ai Beni Culturali
depuis 12 Mai 2021 à 25 Juillet 2021
Piazzale Napoleone I

The Back to Nature exhibition project, now in its second edition, includes a series of contemporary art installations set up in Villa Borghese park.

Flower Thrower, Screenprint, 2003, Private Collection
depuis 5 Mai 2021 à 9 Janvier 2022
Arco della Pace, 5

A new exhibition in the Renaissance spaces of the Chiostro del Bramante dedicated to the most famous incognito artist in the world: about 250 works from private collections but als

Napoleone ultimo atto. L’esilio, la morte, la memoria
depuis 5 Mai 2021 à 9 Janvier 2022
Piazza di Ponte Umberto I, 1

The exhibition displays materials of significant historical value, some of which are unpublished and linked to the events of the Emperor's exile and death in Saint

Maria Nitulescu “The eyes of my dreamed hearing” 2020
depuis 5 Mai 2021 à 20 Juin 2021
Viale Pietro Canonica, 2

For her first solo show in Italy, the young artist Maria Nitulescu has created a site-specific project that dialogues with the spaces of the Museum and reinvents them through

Il Centenario. Alberto Sordi 1920 – 2020
depuis 4 Mai 2021 à 1 Août 2021

To list all of Sordi's films would be impossible. Hundreds of masterpieces that made us laugh, move, reflect.

depuis 4 Mai 2021 à 16 Juillet 2021
Via della Stamperia, 6

La mostra celebra il terzo centenario della nascita di Giambattista Piranesi (Venezia, 1720 – Roma, 1778), con circa 60 opere di cui 36 matrici e 24 stampe, per riscoprire

Michele Cammarano, La presa di Porta Pia, 1870, collezione privata. Courtesy Gallery W.Apolloni, Roma
depuis 4 Mai 2021 à 26 Septembre 2021
Piazza Navona, 2

Conceived on the occasion of the celebrations of the 150th anniversary of Rome as the Capital of Italy, the exhibition traces the historical events and the profound urban transform

Goya Fisionomista
depuis 29 Avril 2021 à 18 Septembre 2021
Via di Villa Albani, 16

For the first time in Italy, the Cervantes Institute, the Spanish cultural institution in Rome, hosts the exhibition dedicated to the relationship between the most significant

Sandro Becchetti, Mario Ceroli, Saxa Rubra, Roma 1971
depuis 27 Avril 2021 à 5 Septembre 2021
Piazza di Sant'Egidio, 1/b

The exhibition is a narration about the complexity and uniqueness of Rome, in the personal and poetic reinterpretation of the great Roman photographer, through 180 black an

Colori dei Romani. I mosaici dalle Collezioni Capitoline
depuis 27 Avril 2021 à 15 Septembre 2021
Via Ostiense, 106

Through a wide selection of mosaics made between the Ist century BC and the 4th century AD, the exhibition presents some of the masterpieces of the Capitoline collections

Luciano D'Alessandro. L'ultimo idealista-Foto Museo di Roma in Trastevere
depuis 27 Avril 2021 à 5 Septembre 2021
Piazza di Sant'Egidio, 1/b

"Human beings in the asylum ended up that society forced to the most total exclusion because they were judged useless, if not harmful to its predicted mechanism of productive efficiency, while

Manolo Valdés. Le forme del tempo
depuis 27 Avril 2021 à 11 Juillet 2021
Via di Montecatini, 17

"We build upon that which art history has placed in our hands", says the famous Manolo Valdés, the all-around Spanish artist, who, after 25 years, returns to Rome with

Claudia Rogge, Ever After, Paradise I, 2010, courtesy Galleria Paola Verrengia, Salerno
depuis 16 Avril 2021 à 15 Juillet 2021
Via dei Cerchi, 21

Inside the splendid 17th-century building renovated by the archistar Jean Nouvel and wedged between the Bocca della

Foto museomacro.it
depuis 12 Avril 2021 à 31 Juillet 2021

It is part of the Museum for Preventive Imagination’s SUPPLEMENT section but it is quite an unconventional exhibition: it is entirely in augmented reality and goes

Aldo Rossi. L'architetto e le città
depuis 10 Mars 2021 à 17 Octobre 2021
Via Guido Reni, 4 A

MAXXI hosts a retrospective dedicated to Aldo Rossi, the world-famous architect.

Palazzo Barberini, Italia In-Attesa, Foto Alberto Novelli
depuis 25 Février 2021 à 19 Septembre 2021
Via delle Quattro Fontane, 13

Over 100 pictures that give life to a polyphonic and choral photographic story: 12 Italian and foreign artists of different generations and attitudes, chosen by a

Foto mattatoioroma.it
depuis 9 Février 2021 à 27 Juin 2021
Piazza Orazio Giustiniani, 4

Started in 2012, the project brings together a cycle of ten episodes that make up a single monumental work being shown in its entirety for the very first time.

Pompei 79 d.C. Una storia romana
depuis 9 Février 2021 à 27 Juin 2021
Piazza del Colosseo

A never before attempted history of the long-standing relationship between Rome and Pompeii, the exhibition aims to reconstruct the complex dialogue that linked the two most famous

L'eredità di Cesare e la conquista del tempo foto sito Musei Capitolini
depuis 8 Février 2021 à 31 Décembre 2021
Piazza del Campidoglio, 1


Napoleone e il mito di Roma
depuis 4 Février 2021 à 7 Novembre 2021
Via Quattro Novembre, 94

Trajan's Market - The Museum of the Imperial Fora hosts the exhibition that celebrates the bicentenary of the death of Napoleon Bonaparte, retracing the relationship between the Fr