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Pagina di snodo Tassonomia
RomArt - Biennale Internazionale di Arte e Cultura
from 20 Novembre 2019 to 24 Novembre 2019

5 days dedicated to art and its infinite variations, with some new entries and surprises with respect to past editions: the third International Biennial of Art and Culture of the c

Gio Ponti. Amare l’architettura
from 27 Novembre 2019 to 26 Avril 2020
Via Guido Reni, 4 A

“Love architecture for all the fantastic, solemn and adventurous things that it has created […] love it for the illusions of grace, of lightness, of strength, of serenity, of movement […] love it f

Integrazione scolastica alla Bernard School. 27 maggio 1955. Washington, D.C., U.S.A. Foto di Thomas J O'Halloran. © Courtesy U.S. News & World Report Magazine Photograph Collection Library of Congress
from 9 Novembre 2019 to 7 Décembre 2019
Via Crescenzio, 99/d

“I have a dream”: on 28 August 28, 1963, these words by Martin Luther King, the black leader of the African American Civil Rights Movement, welcomed the 200,000 people gathered in

Corrado Cagli - Folgorazioni e mutazioni- Palazzo Cipolla
from 8 Novembre 2019 to 6 Janvier 2020
Via del Corso, 320

Un'Antichità moderna
from 8 Novembre 2019 to 1 Mars 2020
Viale della Trinità dei Monti, 1

When we speak of harmony and beauty, our thoughts inevitably run to the perfection of the ancient sculptures that were always admired, studied, reproduced, and sometimes adapted to

Taccuini romani. Vedute di Diego Angeli - Visioni di Simona Filippini
from 1 Novembre 2019 to 23 Février 2020
Piazza di Sant'Egidio, 1/b

Vivid impressions painted with oil colors or captured by snapping unrepeatable and unique pictures on a Polaroid instant camera.

Mostra Luigi Valadier
from 30 Octobre 2019 to 2 Février 2020
Piazzale del Museo Borghese, 5

A great exhibition dedicated to Luigi Valadier, one of the artists who contributed to change the artistic taste in the second half of the 18th century Rome, opens to the public in

Maria Paola Ranfi. Lucertola 2019. Ph. Massimiliano Ruta
from 26 Octobre 2019 to 26 Janvier 2020
Via Nomentana, 70

Un’antologica dell’artista Maria Paola Ranfi orafa e scultrice, una selezione di oltre 60 esemplari tra gioielli e sculture realizzati a cera persa in oro, bronzo, argento e con pietre preziose dai

Pizzi Cannella, Le perle, 2019, tecnica mista su tela, cm. 155×200
from 26 Octobre 2019 to 11 Janvier 2020
Largo della Fontanella di Borghese, 89

«I’m seeking some truth that consoles through the light»
Piero Pizzi Cannella

110 anni di luce. ACEA e ROMA. Passione e innovazione
from 24 Octobre 2019 to 26 Janvier 2020
Via Ostiense, 106

A deep, unique and special bond. For 110 years, ACEA has illuminated the most iconic streets, squares and monuments of the Capital.

4_Marcello Venusti, L’Orazione nell’orto, 1545-60 olio su tavola, cm 53x76  Roma, Gallerie Nazionali Barberini Corsini
from 24 Octobre 2019 to 2 Février 2020
Via della Lungara, 10

Thirty 17th century works never exhibited in Rome, snapshots of a distant everyday life, when the art of photography had not yet been imagined, are compared with some of Palazzo Co

Altan. Pimpa, Cipputi e altri pensatori
from 23 Octobre 2019 to 12 Janvier 2020
Via Guido Reni, 4 A

Il Maxxi ospita un’esposizione dedicata al versatile e poliedrico fumettista Francesco Tullio-Altan, protagonista di un percorso articolato che ne racconta il mond

Julieta Pestarino (Argentina), Vincitrice PHOTO IILA-XI edizione Premio IILA-FOTOGRAFIA, dalla serie “Retrato de persona no identificada”, 2015
from 23 Octobre 2019 to 24 Novembre 2019
Piazza di Sant'Egidio, 1/b

A whole month to spend in Rome developing a photographic project and immortalizing the city that made the history of civilization, its most representative monuments and its hidden

Carlo Rambaldi. La meccanica dei mostri
from 22 Octobre 2019 to 6 Janvier 2020
Via Piacenza, snc

Eclectic and brilliant, in his long and successful career the three-time Oscar winner Carlo Rambaldi entered the collective imagination by transforming the world of cinema in a pre

I guerrieri del Pacifico. Storie di rugby, tatuaggi e spacca-teste
from 22 Octobre 2019 to 5 Décembre 2019
Piazza Guglielmo Marconi, 14

A year-long journey to discover the ancient and modern sports disciplines of the people who produced them and the societies in which they are rooted.

Femme vue de dos, disséquée de la nuque au sacrum, dite l'Ange anatomique , Planche non reliée provenant de Jacques Fabien Gautier d'Agoty, “Mytologie complète en couleur et grandeur naturelle”, Paris, 1746 - Bibliothèque Inter-Universitaire Santé Médecine, Parigi
from 22 Octobre 2019 to 6 Janvier 2020
Via Nazionale, 194

Palazzo delle Esposizioni hosts "Sublimi Anatomie", an exhibition designed to rediscover the cognitive and critical importance of observing the hu

Enzo Cucchi MAXXI
from 17 Octobre 2019 to 19 Janvier 2020
Via Guido Reni, 4 A

A putto.
A naked child, to whose big toe a scorpion is clinging, with his hands to his eyes in the gesture of the telescope to focus the vision.

Gina Lollobrigida
from 17 Octobre 2019 to 1 Décembre 2019
Largo Marcello Mastroianni, 1

The irony of a glance, the seduction of a posture, the elegance of an expression.

Robert Morris 2015 – 2018 - Ph. Agcult
from 15 Octobre 2019 to 26 Janvier 2020
Via Antonio Gramsci, 71

Known for his controversial and visionary works, during his long and prolific career Robert Morris has produced sculptures that startle, question,

Frida Kahlo - Il caos dentro
from 12 Octobre 2019 to 29 Mars 2020
Via Tirso, 14

The great exhibition-event organised by SET explores the complex inner world of Frida Kahlo, highlighting the brilliant sensitivity, the transgressive force and pr

Garth Speight, Coppia di uccelli, acrilico, cm. 35x25
from 12 Octobre 2019 to 19 Janvier 2020
Via Nomentana, 70

The brush smoothly slides over the canvas, the touches are fast, the colour is vivid and full-bodied. White, red, blue, gold and silver. And a lot of heart.

Jan Fabre - The Rhythm of the Brain
from 11 Octobre 2019 to 9 Février 2020
Via Merulana, 121

The scandal artist “par excellence” and a contemporary author among the most highly rated and controversial.

Michelangelo a colori
from 11 Octobre 2019 to 6 Janvier 2020
Via delle Quattro Fontane, 13

Palazzo Barberini hosts a new exhibition which highlights the close artistic bond established between Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475-1564) and the followers, compar