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Collezione Torlonia, Rilievo di Porto ©FondazioneTorlonia PH Lorenzo de Masi
from 6 Décembre 2019 to 31 Mars 2020

96 outstanding marbles, including statues, busts and reliefs, on view to the public for the first time in all their extraordinary

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from 5 Décembre 2019 to 30 Mai 2020

A new debut on the Roman airport, the first European airport for customer satisfaction and already a preferential gateway to the Mediterranean countries: from 1st May

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Mostra dell’Acqua Paola
from 4 Décembre 2019 to 31 Mars 2020

Framed in the opening scene of the Great Beauty by Sorrentino, the Acqua Paola Fountain has returned to shine on top of the Gianicolo hill, thanks to the restoration financed by th

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Una call per raccontare Roma
from 4 Décembre 2019 to 31 Janvier 2020

Rome is unknowable, it reveals itself over time and not entirely: it has an extreme reserve of mystery.
Ennio Flaiano

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La Vucciria - Renato Guttuso, 1974
from 2 Décembre 2019 to 12 Janvier 2020

The most famous painting by the Sicilian painter Renato Guttuso exhibited in the prestigious Sala della Lupa of Palazzo Montecitorio, seat of the Camera dei Deputati

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Aeroporto di Fiumicino
from 25 Novembre 2019 to 31 Mars 2020

Forget boarding pass and documents always at hand: from the end of November, on an experimental basis on the Rome-Amsterdam flights of the KLM company, passengers will be able to c

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Miglio d'Arte
from 25 Novembre 2019 to 31 Mars 2020

Not only historic center and ancient art: in a suburb of the city, a path of more than a kilometer, without barriers and entrance tickets, aroused the interest of one of the oldest and most prestig

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Settimo frammento del Compianto sul Cristo morto di Luca Signorelli
from 23 Novembre 2019 to 12 Janvier 2020

The exhibition Luca Signorelli and Rome.

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from 22 Novembre 2019 to 31 Décembre 2020

For the summer of 2020, Norwegian, the long-range low-cost airline, will activate two new routes from Rome Fiumicino to the United States.

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Pizza Awards 2019
from 21 Novembre 2019 to 31 Décembre 2019

Water, flour, yeast, salt and time: it seems easy, yet the result varies incredibly depending on who makes the dough.

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Ferrari Roma - Ferrari Official IG account
from 15 Novembre 2019 to 30 Mars 2020

It is painted in gray, rather than in the typical red that has always been the signature color of the carmaker.

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Greta Bike sharing Helbiz
from 14 Novembre 2019 to 30 Mars 2020

A new bike sharing service arrives in Rome: Helbiz, the American global leader of micromobility, launches Greta, the latest generation electric bike, named after t

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Cartoon Christmas Lights in via dei Condotti
from 14 Novembre 2019 to 9 Janvier 2020

Mark the date: the magical atmosphere of Christmas is back on 23 November at 5.30pm.

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FUTOUROMA 2019 > 2025
from 13 Novembre 2019 to 30 Mars 2020

A path started in the summer with an analysis of the situation of tourism in the city, which saw the shared commitment of 150 entrepreneurs, public institutions, trade associations

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from 12 Novembre 2019 to 30 Mars 2020

In some of the most important squares of the city - Piazza di Spagna, Piazza Navona, Piazza Sonnino, in the heart of Trastevere, and Piazza della Città Leonina, a few steps from St

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Miac-Emozione del Cinema ph.Cristina Vatielli NONE collective
from 12 Novembre 2019 to 30 Mars 2020

120 years of history of moving images: that’s the immersive path of MIAC - Museo del Cinema e dell'Audiovisivo, opening in December in Cinecittà studios.

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Cucina stellata
from 11 Novembre 2019 to 30 Mars 2020

The 2020 edition of the Michelin Guide Italy rewards again the excellence of the Capitoline cuisine with the prestigious stars of the famous gastronomic guide.

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Mappa ufficiale di Roma
from 7 Novembre 2019 to 30 Mars 2020

Museums, monuments, main attractions, events, services and emergency numbers.

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La Festa di Roma 2020
from 7 Novembre 2019 to 31 Décembre 2019

A party open to everybody that transforms the city into a spectacular open-air stage: for the fourth year in a row, La Festa di Roma welcomes the new year with

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from 4 Novembre 2019 to 30 Mars 2020

After eighteen metropolises between the United States and Europe, Rome was chosen as the first city in Italy to inaugurate Jump, the Uber bike sharing service.

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Musei in Musica 2019
from 3 Novembre 2019 to 14 Décembre 2019

The selection of artists and projects is now underway, but mark this date on the calendar: on 14 December, Musei in Musica returns to Rome.

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Endimione dormiente, 1819, Gypsotheca e Museo Antonio Canova, Possagno, Archivio Fotografico interno - Foto di Lino Zanesco
from 2 Novembre 2019 to 6 Janvier 2020

“On the day when a statue is finished, its life, in a certain sense, begins,” wrote Marguerite Yourcenar: a very successful life, when we talk about the works of Antonio Canova

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Aeroporto Leonardo da Vinci - Fiumicino
from 26 Octobre 2019 to 31 Mars 2020

Faithful to its philosophy of promoting Italian excellence, which sees it first among the world's leading airports and awarded for the second consecutive year with the Best Airport Awar

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Basilica di San Giovanni in Laterano nuova illuminazione
from 24 Octobre 2019 to 31 Mars 2020

An innovative play of lights and shadows illuminates the façade of the first and oldest of the four major papal basilicas, the Archbasilica of San Giovanni in Laterano, "Mother and Head of all the

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Mosaici Musei Capitolini
from 17 Octobre 2019 to 10 Décembre 2019

Until December 10th, the Georgian National Museum in Tbilisi hosts The Colors of Ancient Rome: mosaics from the Capitoline Museums, a splendid selection of 21 mos

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from 7 Octobre 2019 to 31 Mars 2020

Based on specific experiences lived in the destination, 88.4% of travellers prefer the Capital to cities like Paris, Berlin, London and Amsterdam.

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Da Roma a Boston con i nuovi voli Delta
from 2 Octobre 2019 to 30 Septembre 2020

A new direct connection between Boston and Rome starting from the 2020 summer season: further expanding its international network from the USA’s Northeastern region, Delta

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La Grande Bellezza nella Top 100 del Guardian
from 16 Septembre 2019 to 31 Mars 2020

The Great Beauty appears as the first Italian film in the ranking of the 100 best features of the XXI century, written by the Guardian

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Nuova illuminazione per fontana di Trevi
from 17 Septembre 2019 to 31 Mars 2020

The Trevi fountain has an unexpected charm thanks to the new led lighting inaugurated during these days; in fact there are 85 underwater floodlights and 6 those on

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La Fondazione
from 28 Septembre 2019 to 31 Mars 2020

In a splendid building dating from the 1920s, in the heart of Rome, a new space for contemporary creativity is now open: La Fondazione, a non-profit cultural centre, focused on the global

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Spelacchio 2019
from 8 Décembre 2019 to 6 Janvier 2020

Famous throughout the world like a true movie star and with a dedicated hashtag, Spelacchio, as the Christmas tree of Piazza Venezia was affectionately renamed by

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Restauro Fendi Fontana del Mosè
from 3 Août 2019 to 31 Décembre 2019

The Fendi Maison's commitment to the city's artistic beauty is continuing successfully with the Fendi for Fountains’ project.

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Fontana delle Rane
from 16 Septembre 2019 to 31 Décembre 2019

The eclectic Fountain of the Frogs in piazza Mincio is beeing restored, under the technical-scientific direction of the Sovrintendenza Capitolina ai Beni Cultu

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Alberto Garutti "Ai nati oggi" © Musacchio, Ianniello & Pasqualini - Courtesy Fondazione MAXXI
from 13 Septembre 2019 to 6 Janvier 2020

The lampposts light intensity increases a bit for a few seconds before returning to its regular power: “Ai nati oggi”, a public installation signed by Alberto Garruti

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Ai Weiwei
from 2 Septembre 2019 to 31 Décembre 2019

A truly special “Turandot” is on calendar for the new 2019-2020 opera season: the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, with its superintendent Carlo Fuortes, entrusted one o

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UEFA 2020
from 30 Août 2019 to 31 Mars 2020

On the occasion of UEFA Euro 2020, the first touring European Championship in history, scheduled from 12 June to 12 July, Rome is getting ready for enjoying more m

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Quirinale contemporaneo
from 27 Août 2019 to 31 Mars 2020

On the initiative ofof the President of the Republic, the immense artistic patrimony of the Quirinale is enriched and updated with a significant grafting of works of contemporary Italian art signed

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from 26 Août 2019 to 31 Décembre 2019

La Sapienza, historic Roman university, ranks among the best universities in the world, and in first position among Italian universities.

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Fontana delle Najadi
from 19 Août 2019 to 31 Décembre 2019

After an important restoration work, the splendid Fontana delle Naiadi (The Fountain of the Naiads), located at the center of Piazza della Repubblica, is back in action, allowing people to admire t

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from 12 Août 2019 to 31 Mars 2020

Tourists from all over the world can enjoy for free via web the cultural heritage of Parco Archeologico del Colosseo, thanks to the activation of four new hotspots near the entrances to the monumen

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Castel Sant'Angelo nuova illuminazione @Acea
from 12 Août 2019 to 31 Mars 2020

A new evocative lighting on Castel Sant’Angelo: 220 new floodlights, strategically placed to make the extraordinary beauty of one of the symbolic monuments of the Capital shine.

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+Ricicli +Viaggi
from 5 Août 2019 to 31 Mars 2020

The new campaign launched by Atac, the transportation company of the Municipality of Rome, in collaboration with Coripet (Consorzio per il Riciclo del PET - PET Re

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Hotel de la Ville Rocco Forte
from 31 Juillet 2019 to 31 Décembre 2019

The historic Hotel de La Ville in Via Sistina, located in the heart of Rome, atop the Spanish Steps and with sky-high views over Via Sistina and Rome’s rooftops, h

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from 31 Juillet 2019 to 31 Mars 2020

Born as Musia, a multidisciplinary experimentation laboratory, in 2017, on the initiative of Ovidio Jacorossi, entrepreneur and Roman collector, next Fall it will turn into a priva

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Sofitel Rome Villa Borghese
from 24 Juillet 2019 to 31 Décembre 2019

Five-star boutique hotel Sofitel Rome Villa Borghese, located in a quiet street in the historic centre of Rome, has re-opened following a complete redesign by French architect and interior designer

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Teatro di Marcello
from 19 Juillet 2019 to 31 Mars 2020

Inaugurated by Augustus in 13 BC and used for public performances for over four centuries, the Teatro di Marcello fell into decay after the fall of the Western Roman Empire and was

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Foro Romano
from 19 Juin 2019 to 31 Décembre 2019

From Saturday 29 June 2019 it will be possible to visit the Roman Forum and the Imperial Fora with a single ticket, thanks to the new and extraordinary path that w

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