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Ditta Leone Limentani

Ditta Leone Limentani
Ditta Leone Limentani
Ditta Leone Limentani
Ditta Leone Limentani
Ditta Leone Limentani
Ditta Leone Limentani

Haute Couture Tableware

Opposite Portico d'Ottavia and just a stone's throw from the Teatro Marcello, there is a large marble plaque bearing the name of the shop’s founder, Leone Limentani, who opened his business here in 1820.

He initially sold everyday dishware, glasses, and cutlery, in a 1000-square-meter space that was more like a warehouse than a shop. Thanks to the economic growth after World War II, he also began selling more high-end dishware, glassware, and porcelain ware, offering his customers a vast choice of plates, glasses, and cutlery from the catalogs of Europe’s largest manufacturers. Over more than two centuries, the business has passed from father to son, and is now run by the seventh generation.

The office is like a museum, displaying all of the custom porcelain ware used on the tables of illustrious figures like the Shah of Persia, Evita Peron, President of Yugoslavia Tito, and a few Popes. The shop’s maze of corridors is still lined with sets of tableware for all tastes. In the 1990s, Leone Limentani was Rome’s most popular shop for wedding lists, fulfilling the wishes of over a thousand young newly-weds every year.

Adapting to market demands, today the core business is, above all, aimed at furnishing the luxury homes, boats, and planes of wealthy customers, who entrust the job of creating the most functional solutions for their comfortable, luxurious living spaces to Limentani's know-how. The company carries out these custom projects by interacting with interior designers, or directly with the end customer, proposing a selection of the very best brands.

After collecting all the material needed to complete the project, Limentani sends it directly to the residence or luxury vehicle (planes or boats up to 100 meters), and furnishes them with the help of its team of interior architects and expert installers, who realize the project down to the very last detail.

Only three companies in the world are able to offer a such a prestigious service. Professionals in search of beauty.

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For opening and closing times and access, please contact directly the shop.

06 68307000
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Ditta Leone Limentani, Via del Portico d'Ottavia, 47-48
Via del Portico d'Ottavia, 47-48
41° 53' 34.4508" N, 12° 28' 41.9088" E

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Ditta Leone LimentaniDitta Leone LimentaniDitta Leone LimentaniDitta Leone LimentaniDitta Leone Limentani

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