Rome, 28 February 2019

Galleria Borghese_630x473#IoVadoAlMuseo, the decree by the Italian Minister for Cultural Heritage and Activities Andrea Bonisoli, which increases the free admission days at museums from 12 to 20 for each calendar year, takes effect today.

The 20 free days will be divided as follows:

- 6 first Sundays of the month from October to March;
– 6 days for the “Museum Week”, which this year runs from 5 to 10 March;
– 8 additional dates and time slots for each museum chosen by the directors of the museums.

The new decree also maintains gratuities for all minors and for some types of students and teachers, as well as for categories already protected in the past as the disabled persons, and reduces the ticket to young people aged 18 to 25, who will always pay 2 euros.

To help visitors choose the museums to see, a website has been set up: