From Monday 18th September, Rome’s public transport company ATAC has introduced a new city bus line 720 connecting the Ciampino airport with the Metro B station at Laurentina, where the line has its terminal. The bus runs every 20 minutes. The new service offered to residents and tourists by Atac, Roma Capitale and ADR-Aeroporti di Roma.

Line 720 will stop at number 4 bus stand in front of the Ciampino airport, where an Atac bus stop will be installed. Trade agreements with Zètema and Chef Express will also enable the promotion and sale of Atac travel tickets and passes intended for tourists (24, 48 and 72 hours tickets), at the Tourist Information Point (PIT ) and in the food hall at the airport.

Line 720 will connect Piazzale Leonardo da Vinci to Ciampino airport (number 4 bus stand), with the Metro station B Laurentina (lane VI), via Vigna Murata, via Ardeatina and via Fioranello, for a total of 22 stops along the way. The fare costs € 1.50 only, the price of a single ATAC BIT ticket, and can be used from the airport to the metro and possibly use the remaining minutes included (100 minutes in total) for a subway ride to the city centre. This bus + metro combination is a simple and economical option to reach the centre of Rome from Ciampino Airport.

At the airport you will also be able to purchase Atac tourist travel tickets (24, 48 and 72 hours tickets at the cost of 7, 12,50 and 18 euros), allowing visitors to use all Atac, Cotral and regional railways in the area of Rome. Airport passengers will be able to purchase these tickets from the automatic machine located in the airport’s outdoor courtyard or at the Zètema Tourist Information Point or at the Chef Express Point of Sale located in the arrival area.

Thanks to the agreement with Zètema and the Rome’s Tourism Department, the Tourist Information Point at the airport will host the Atac campaign “Have a good time in Rome – Choose your public transport ticket”. Ciampino’s PIT, as well as all the other PITs in Rome, is an authorized point of sale of Atac’s travel tickets and it is the official dealer of the RomaPass,  the integrated tourist card including transportation and museums in Rome.

Tourists can use the 48 or 72 hours Roma Pass to catch the 720 Bus Line from their arrival to reach the city from the airport.

The Atac and Chef Express partnership will enable ticket sales and the promotion of the Atac campaign even at the food hall in the arriving area of ​​the airport.

For the launch of the new 720 Bus line ATAC has produced a public transport map that will be given free of charge at the PIT in Ciampino and all other PITs in Rome, as well as at the Atac reception desk at Termini metro station and at all metro stations in Rome.