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Roma XXIVh 2024

Fourth edition for the Roma XXIVh, the sporting event of international relevance that takes place at the Vallelunga Circuit, a historic facility near the Capital.

This year, the event presents a significant novelty: in addition to cycling, which has characterised the previous editions, the Roma XXIVh is enriched with different sports disciplines, promising an all-round experience for athletes and fans, with a focus on the cohabitation of sport with road traffic.

The traditional 24-hour cycling event is thus joined by the 12-hour, thus expanding the offer for two-wheel enthusiasts.

Added to this is the Minifondo, designed to involve even the youngest riders in a valuable sporting experience.

Great attention is also paid to running, with the possibility of participating in the 10km and half marathon, competitions that promise to be full of excitement and exciting challenges thanks to the contribution of Podistica Solidarietà and GSBRUN.

No less important is the Aqua Imperium area, with four pools set up to host varied water activities, guaranteeing fun and competition for all.

On the wellness front, a programme of activities on two stages awaits you, curated down to the last detail by manager and world fitness champion Massimo Alparone, with selected instructors from all over Italy and world-famous terstimonials.

An event, therefore, that goes beyond sport, becoming a true moment of city sharing.


von 13 Juli 2024 bis 14 Juli 2024
Mobile phone: 
335 1978467
Online reservation:
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from 15 July 2023 to 16 July 2023


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