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Manifest culture

Cultura manifesta-Foto: sito ufficiale della FIAP Roma e Lazio

The Manifest Culture exhibition, at the Casa della Memoria e della Storia, promoted by Libraries of Rome, FIAP and IRSIFAR, with the patronage of the Department of Culture of Rome Capital, presents to the public thirty-four historical posters documenting the cultural experience of the movement feminist in Italy, selected from the vast heritage of Archivia, the library-archive specialized in women's history and culture.

The numerous pieces, which include placards, signs and posters, testify to the awareness of women in all sectors and their constant presence especially through cultural production: from cinema to theatre, journalism and journalism, from applied arts to teaching and training. The aim of the exhibition is in fact to raise awareness of the creativity, the multiformity of feminist groups, as well as the new expressive forms, the new languages ​​that have produced culture since the 1970s.

Each poster is accompanied by a descriptive sheet, photos and other materials that help to contextualize it and underline its cultural meaning and political influence.Archivia - Libraries, Archives Women's Documentation Centres - founded in 2003 on the initiative of 11 groups, collectives and historical associations who made their materials accessible, in addition to its own archives, it has a library and a newspaper library, manuscripts, theses, materials valuable documentation, photographs, posters, audiovisual materials. Various founding and subsequent funds have obtained recognition as "historical heritage" from the Archival Superintendence of Lazio.

Photo: courtesy of the FIAP Rome and Lazio official website


von 15 November 2023 bis 7 Dezember 2023
POINT (12.4625024 41.8943439)
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dal 15 novembre al 7 dicembre 2023
dal lunedì al venerdì
dalle ore 10.00 alle ore 19.30 

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Cultura manifesta, Via di San Francesco di Sales, 5
Via di San Francesco di Sales, 5
41° 53' 39.6384" N, 12° 27' 45.0072" E

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