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The Adventure of Money

Scudo d'oro dello Stato Pontificio di Papa Paolo III (1534-1549), Zecca di Roma. Collezione Banca d'Italia

Palazzo delle Esposizioni hosts an exciting journey through time through the fundamental episodes linked to the history of money and finance

Curated by Paco Lanciano and Giovanni Carrada, the exhibition path is an extraordinary narration that winds through multimedia and immersive experiences and singular objects, which come alive with projections, animations and sound effects, revealing to the public - accompanied by a narrating voice - stories and fascinating facts: from the birth of money in ancient times to modern digital payments. 

Also on display are exceptional and extremely rare artefacts, including the terracotta tablets used by the ancient Sumerians for the first loan contracts; the Statere of Croesus (Lydia, 560 BC. ), according to legend, the first coin minted in gold and silver; an ancient edition of the Summa de arithmetica with the first accounting method of double-entry bookkeeping, given by the Franciscan mathematician Luca Pacioli to the merchants of his time; the ledgers of the Banco di Santo Spirito with records of payments to Gian Lorenzo Bernini for some Roman Baroque works of art. The exhibition ends with an overview of the role of finance today, both from the point of view of economic macro-systems and the perspective of everyday consumers.

The exhibition, enriched by thematic meetings, educational workshops and dedicated paths, is an extraordinary preview of the Bank of Italy's MUDEM - Museo della Moneta project in Villa Hüffer.

The Adventure of Money is organised by the Bank of Italy in collaboration with Azienda Speciale Palaexpo and Assessorato alla Cultura di Roma Capitale.

Photo: Golden Ecu of the Papal State of Pope Paul III (1534-1549), Mint of Rome. Bank of Italy Collection 


von 31 Oktober 2023 bis 30 Juni 2024
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