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This is Wonderland - Una favola dal vivo

This is Wonderland - Una favola dal vivo

What if Alice never came back? What if the ending of that dream wasn't one but multiple? What if we were still living those dreams?

Come and find out at This is Wonderland, where the millenary art of Chinese lanterns reveals itself in the dreamy and enchanted atmospheres of one of the most beautiful classics of literature, Alice in Wonderland, reinterpreted from our point of view and adapted to the characteristics and rhythms of contemporary society with unpublished music and artistic settings.

The Giardino delle Cascate (the Garden of the Waterfalls) in the EUR district hosts the large backdrop of 40,000 square metres and the immersive narrative journey without spatial and temporal limits, which, with its magical atmosphere, brings the evocative charm of light to the stage in eighteen areas with light installations and works of art, non-stop shows, with over 100 internationally renowned artists, and food experiences.

Rationality and imagination meet and then collide, arouse vivid emotions, through the dynamic interaction between light and matter, and the unestablished path leaves you free to create your journey, making you the protagonists of your adventure in Wonderland and creators of an alternative narration between lights and performances by circus artists and street artists.

Technology, scenic art, performance, and music, therefore, put themselves at the service of wonder and dreams in a refined play of density and transparency, of light and shadow, to accompany you on a journey whose difficulty lies in the entrance and not in the exit, because only if you know how to get lost, you can cross the threshold of imagination.

Sculptural and vibrant, the light installations are made with craftsmanship and create an experience that leaves you speechless: get lost among the magical walls of the Card Labyrinth, challenge the Queen of Hearts at chess, test yourself amid enchanted pawns amidst woods, and choreographies, the misty world of the Caterpillar, wrapped in its mysterious aura of smoke and the swings of the Mad Hatter, on which you can experience the sensation of flying in a world of fantasy and wonder, swinging to the rhythm of the music, await you.

Don't miss the magical tea area, an enchanting and surreal photo opportunity, where you can celebrate a Happy Non-Birthday with sweets and delicacies.

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von 6 Juli 2023 bis 31 Oktober 2023
POINT (12.467218 41.827439)
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Online purchase:
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Dal 6 luglio al 31 ottobre 2023

Tutti i giorni dalle ore 19.00 alle 2.00 (ingressi scaglionati ogni 15 minuti)
ultimo ingresso consentito un’ora prima della chiusura

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This is Wonderland - Una favola dal vivo, Passeggiata del Giappone
Passeggiata del Giappone
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