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Giardino delle Cascate

Giardino delle Cascate ph EUR SpA

The beautiful Giardino delle Cascate (the Garden of the Waterfalls), realized in 1961 on a design by the great architect Raffaele De Vico, is a splendid example of a modern landscape garden and a real jewel among Rome's parks.

Located in the heart of EUR district, 42,000 square meters of green areas, waterfalls, fountains and basins create a harmonious and articulated combination embellished with cliffs, natural stones, plants of different species and jets of water.

It is a traditional Italian inspiration garden, characterized by a classic composition and two sections - an upper one with two winding promenades, and a lower one with two waterfalls and a system of small side channels flanked by two cypress roundabouts.

The spectacular waterfalls also have a double technical function, contributing to the lake water oxygenation, and representing an integral element of the hydroelectric system that also includes the lifting plant in Viale Oceania and the water reservoir better known as "the Fungo".

Occasionally used as a film set over the years, in 2017 the garden was reopened to the public after the restoration of the Hashi bridge, the pedestrian walk with the glass pavement. Passing over the central waterfall, it joins the different banks, making the garden, the artifìcial lake, and the promenades a suggestive landscape and architectural ensemble.

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POINT (12.467218 41.827439)

Aperto tutti i giorni dalle 8.00 alle 16.00 accessibile, nella porzione inferiore, dai vialetti che percorrono il Parco Centrale del Lago dal lato di viale Oceania

La parte superiore può essere visitata soltanto dalle ore 19.00 all’interno della manifestazione This is Wonderland fino al 17 settembre.

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Giardino delle Cascate, Passeggiata del Giappone
Passeggiata del Giappone
41° 49' 38.7804" N, 12° 28' 1.9848" E


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