Il “vino del Palatino”, eno-archeologia nel Parco archeologico del Colosseo | Turismo Roma
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The “wine of the Palatine”, eno-archeology in the Archaeological Park of the Colosseum

von 16 Juni 2021 bis 30 September 2021

It is not only an amazing archaeological site including some of the city's many wonders but also a large green area in the heart of the city, an island of biodiversity to be protected with initiatives inspired by the green economy. Thus, after the hives of the “GRABees - Il Miele di Roma” project and the oil coming from 189 olive trees, the Archaeological Park of the Colosseum is ready to welcome an ancient native vine: the pantastic grape mentioned by Pliny and from which derives the Bellone wine, typical of the province of Rome.

Viticulture has always been very important for all the great ancient civilizations and the Romans – excellent winemakers – were no exception. Indeed, together with the fig and the olive tree, the vine was one of the symbolic plants of Roman culture. The new small vineyard has found a home on the Palatine Hill, in the “Vigna Barberini” which owes its name to the Roman family that owned it in the 17th century, in an area that already hosts, among the fruit trees, the sacred fig linked to the origins of Rome. The first bottles of wine will be ready in three years: the wine will not be a commercial product but will embody the ethical and innovative spirit ​​of the Archaeological Park, communicating its deepest values.


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