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Banchetti sport

Banchetti Sport
Banchetti Sport
Banchetti Sport
Banchetti Sport
Banchetti Sport
Banchetti Sport

Dressing Casually With Class

Galliano Banchetti opened his small shop in Via dello Statuto in 1918, selling state monopolies: salts, tobacco, and gunpowder. In 1926, when he moved to a larger shop in Via Principe Eugenio, he also began selling hunting weapons, fishing equipment, and later also sportswear and the very first skis, still on display in their current shop as rare memorabilia.

The shop was soon inundated with sports enthusiasts, so much so that Galliano's sons invented the first sponsorships, making the shop famous: innovative ideas like the Banchetti Trophy for sportfishing, and the "Banchetti Ski Run" inaugurated in Terminillo. Given the success of his business, in 1961 Galliano Banchetti opened a new shop in Via Campo Marzio, entrusting its management to his son, Vittorio, who was just twenty-one years old.

Thanks to his innate entrepreneurial spirit, Vittorio and his wife, Paola, his top aide and valued advisor, immediately decided to diversify the offer by specializing in sportswear.

By combining professionalism and a friendly atmosphere, the shop soon become a meeting point for their customers. Time proved them right. Technical clothing has become increasingly fashionable, so much so that jackets designed for hunting, like the Barbour, or outdoor pursuits, such as Patagonia clothing, have now become a full-fledged fashion for everyday casual wear.

Elisabetta and Francesca, Vittorio’s daughters, have inherited their father’s entrepreneurial attitude. In 2020, to renew the business and give it a design more suited to modern needs, they moved to Via del Leone 23, preserving the historic sign along with all the objects that have marked the shop’s history, like the old wooden skis and the first underwater rifles.

Generation after generation of demanding, yet loyal clientele, returns to Banchetti, thanks to the family atmosphere and its ability to keep up with the times, always offering the very best brands of technical and casual clothing, as well as discovering new ones, always of high quality. Because you can be sporty and elegant at the same time.

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For opening and closing times, please contact directly the shop.

06 6871420
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Banchetti Sport, Via del Leone, 23
Via del Leone, 23
41° 54' 13.2084" N, 12° 28' 38.0172" E

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Banchetti SportBanchetti SportBanchetti SportBanchetti SportBanchetti Sport

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