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TEBRO Biancheria dal 1867

Tebro Biancheria dal 1867
Tebro Biancheria dal 1867
Tebro Biancheria dal 1867
Tebro Biancheria dal 1867
Tebro Biancheria dal 1867
Tebro Biancheria dal 1867
Tebro Biancheria dal 1867

Masters of Elegant Home Textiles and Nightwear

In Via dei Prefetti, close to the Parliament building, your eyes will be immediately drawn to the ten classy window displays of TEBRO, Tessuti e Biancheria Roma.

The shop’s origins lie in what was once the most exclusive department store in Rome, founded in 1867, which was the official supplier for the Royal Palace, the Quirinal, Palazzo Chigi, the Vatican, and many noble Roman families. 

Mario Pizzolato, grandfather of the current owners Stefano and Alessandro, was one of the store’s directors, and at the end of the 1930s, he took over the company and turned TEBRO into the family’s passion. Today, Stefano and Alessandro run the company, drawing on the experience handed down to them by their father, Giancarlo, and carrying on the professionalism and winning method their company is renowned for. 

TEBRO was and still is a benchmark in luxury household linen supplies. The last seven Popes, as well as the Presidency of the Italian Republic and diplomatic offices around the world, have had the opportunity to appreciate the high quality of its fabrics and linens, together with TEBRO’s professionalism and absolute discretion, in which the company takes great pride. TEBRO is able to meet all customer needs by making exclusive linens tailored to their decor, as well as offering a selection of the very best nightwear and underwear. Large luxury hotel chains and international cruise ship companies have helped TEBRO break into the international market.

Thanks to the determination and professionalism of the owners’ mother, Vittoria, customers can now find TEBRO soft towels and exquisite sheets, embroidered with the customer’s logo, alongside soft pillows and comfortable duvets, which complete the unique and diverse collection in the Bed Wellness section.

Thanks to its Style Office, TEBRO has been designing and manufacturing its own collections for over 30 years, most of which are produced in Italy. This has established the company as a leading brand in the household linens and men's underwear sectors.

The Pizzolato brothers never remain static, combining tradition and innovation to create high quality products, textile images and technology, and unique and exceptional industry insights, which project the company towards new business opportunities. They look forward, knowing that the secret of their success is to use the experience they’ve gained over the years, to anticipate the evolution of the market.

Audrey Hepburn said that “Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.” Did she think this while walking past TEBRO’s window displays? 

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For opening and closing times and access, please contact directly the shop.

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Tebro Biancheria dal 1867, Via dei Prefetti, 46-56
Via dei Prefetti, 46-56
41° 54' 9.2844" N, 12° 28' 37.92" E

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Tebro Biancheria dal 1867Tebro Biancheria dal 1867Tebro Biancheria dal 1867Tebro Biancheria dal 1867Tebro Biancheria dal 1867Tebro Biancheria dal 1867

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