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A new artistic lighting for Porta San Sebastiano

Porta San Sebastiano - Profilo ufficiale Facebook Acea Gruppo
von 17 September 2021 bis 31 Dezember 2021

It marked the start of the ancient Appian Way, the so-called Regina Viarum or Queen of Roads, and its history covered more than 1,700 years, starting from the date of its foundation in the third century AD. The monumental Porta San Sebastiano is undoubtedly one of the largest and best preserved gates of the defensive system of the Aurelian walls: a new artistic lighting now contributes to make it even more beautiful and evocative thanks to the collaboration between Roma Capitale and ACEA aimed at giving new light to iconic places and monuments of ancient and modern Rome, such as Piazza Farnese and the Torretta Valadier of the Milvian Bridge.

The lighting upgrade project was preceded by an in-depth study on the walls by the Architecture Department of the Roma Tre University and highlights the architectural features of the gate, improving the quality of light by using LED technology, and reducing both the aesthetic impact of the projectors and energy consumption, with a view to sustainability and environmental respect. In collaboration with the Capitoline Superintendency, the Ministry of Culture and the Appia Antica Archaeological Park, two different color temperatures were chosen taking into account the materials used for its construction, bricks and travertine.

Photo Acea Gruppo Official Facebook Profile 

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Porta San Sebastiano - Profilo ufficiale Facebook Acea Gruppo