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At the Capitoline Museums the video tale of the Rome of the Republic

von 13 Mai 2023 bis 24 September 2023

An immersive video projection that transports us back in time, letting us relive a long, complex and decisive phase of Roman history that lasted approximately from the 6th to the end of the 1st century BC. In those centuries Rome, then ruled by a republican oligarchy, transformed itself from a small city into the capital of a vast state, first expanding its control over Italy and then gaining hegemony over the Mediterranean and ruling different peoples and civilizations.

The multimedia project, which was conceived and curated by the Capitoline Superintendency, is an integral part of the exhibition “La Roma della Repubblica. Il racconto dell’archeologia”, until 24 September at the Capitoline Museums. The exhibit primarily includes city-owned collections held in the Superintendency’s warehouses and museums, with some 1,800 artifacts almost all visible to the public for the first time.

In the Multimedia Room of Palazzo Caffarelli, at the beginning of the exhibition route, the projection takes place on two levels: the first in front of the visitors, on a semicircular wall that almost envelops them, and the second at their feet, creating a semi-immersive environment. Thematic cartographies projected on the ground retrace the stages of Rome’s expansion, while the front wall depicts the salient episodes, places and protagonists. The narrative takes shape with the help of video projections, graphics and reproductions, with holographic effect, of some of the exhibits, graphs and animated timelines, all accompanied by audio support.

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