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Gelato alla ricotta

Gelato di ricotta ph. Giallo Zafferano

Sweet and delicate flavour, soft texture and white colour: ricotta is the perfect ingredient to accompany many traditional Roman recipes.

There are various qualities produced with different types of milk. The Roman ricotta DOP is unique, with an unmistakable taste, rich in flavour and with ancient origins.

Already Marco Porcio Catone (234-149 BC) referred to the rules that regulated sheep farming in Republican Rome. At the time sheep's milk was intended for three uses: religious-sacrificial, as a drink and as a basis for the production of cheeses and dairy products, including ricotta.

Among the traditional Roman recipes, we recommend an easy-to-make, tasty and fresh dessert: gelato alla ricotta (ricotta ice cream).
It is a kind of semifreddo, prepared with sugar, eggs, fresh Roman ricotta, rum or cognac: a delicious explosion of taste and a full of protein guaranteed!

Here is our recipe:

• 500 g of very fresh Roman ricotta
• 100 g of granulated sugar
• 5 yolks
• rum or cognac

In a bowl, whip the egg yolks with the sugar until obtaining a white and frothy mixture. Gradually add the ricotta passed through a sieve and five spoons of the chosen liqueur. Continue to stir gently, until the mixture is homogeneous.

Line a mould (with not too high sides) with wax paper, pour the mixture and level it well. Cover it with another sheet of wax paper, then put it in the refrigerator for at least three hours. Remove the mould, turn it out onto the serving plate.

You can decorate the dessert with berries, chocolate chips or flavour it with a few drops of coffee!

Photo credits: Giallo Zafferano Official Website

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