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Melodie in Villa

Melodie in Villa 2024

As part of the Estate Romana 2024, on the occasion of the Festa della Musica 2024, Melodie in Villa (Melodies in the Villa), the Roma Capitale project, kicks off. Until 28 July, it will enliven the city's parks with free concerts.

From eighteenth-century music, to nineteenth-century opera arias and melodies from the early twentieth century, through Italian singer-songwriters to the sounds of ethnic music, ten concerts bring, in as many villas and green spaces of Rome, an extraordinary programme of performances dedicated to all, especially to those who do not always have the opportunity to attend live music events. 

Among the greenery of some of Rome's most evocative and fascinating villas, professional musicians and young instrumentalists perform, guiding listeners in the discovery and understanding of the pieces and involving them, in the spirit of the European Music Festival, in spreading their passion for this immortal art form.

The event, which began with the concert Sinfonia nel Parco (Symphony in the Park) on 21 June at 11 a.m. in Villa Borghese, repeated at 5 p.m. in Villa Gordiani, includes a full calendar of events on the following Sundays:

  • On 23 June, it is the turn of the concert Musica da camera curated by Trio Aeterna, scheduled at 11 a.m. at Villa Torlonia (via L. Spallanzani 1A) and repeated at 5 p.m. at Villa Glori (Piazzale del Parco della Rimembranza);
  • On 30 June, Villa Pamphilij (entrance from via Vitellia 102) will see the Young Pontine Philharmonic Ensembles perform at 11 a.m. in the concert Musics of Italian Songwriters. At 5 p.m., at Villa Lazzaroni (via Appia Nuova 522) for Autori romani nel mondo by the Quartetto Pessoa, repeated at 11 a.m. at Villa Bonelli (via Camillo Montalcini 1);
  • On 14 July, at 11 a.m., at Villa Fiorelli (piazza Fiorelli) for the ethnic music concert proposed by the Babel Orchestra;
  • On 21 July, at 11 a.m., it is with a view of the Colosseum that the Amorklab will perform at the Parco di Colle Oppio (entrance from via delle Terme di Tito in front of street number 72) in a concert of Balkan music, closing the kermesse with a repeat performance on 28 July at 11 a.m. at Villa Carpegna (piazza di villa Carpegna).

Melodie in Villa is promoted by the Assessorato alla Cultura di Roma Capitale and the Dipartimento Attività Culturali, organised by Zètema Progetto Cultura and the Enarchè association.

The programme may be subject to change


von 21 Juni 2024 bis 28 Juli 2024
Web site:

Dal 21 giugno al 28 luglio 2024

Prossimi appuntamenti

Domenica 14 luglio
alle ore 11 Villa Fiorelli (piazza Fiorelli) concerto di Musica etnica proposta dalla BabelNova Orchestra (ex Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio)

Domenica 21 luglio
alle ore 11 Parco di Colle Oppio (ingresso da via delle Terme di Tito fronte civico 72) Amorklab in un concerto di Musica balcanica

Domenica 28 luglio
alle ore 11 a Villa Carpegna (piazza di villa Carpegna) Amorklab in un concerto di Musica balcanica

Il programma potrebbe subire variazioni

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