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Casale of Malborghetto

Casale di Malborghetto foto sito Regione Lazio

The Casale di Malborghetto was originally a four-faced arch located at the intersection of via Flaminia and a road between Veii and via Tiberina, built in the early 4th century AD. to commemorate Constantine's victory over Maxentius in 312 AD.

According to tradition, the monument would have risen on the site of Constantine's camp, where the emperor would have had the vision of the cross that determined his victory and the triumph of Christianity. The arch, of which the brick structure is visible, was covered with marble slabs, with Corinthian columns on the main fronts.

In the Middle Ages the arches were closed and a church dedicated to St. Nicholas was erected inside. Already in the thirteenth century the church must have disappeared and the building transformed into the main tower of a fortified village called Burgus S. Nicolai de arcu Virginia.

The village was besieged and set on fire in 1485 by the troops of the Orsini, during the struggles between them and the Colonna, and since then it has been called "Malborghetto", maybe because it was in a state of abandonment.

The building, which had now become a farmhouse, was used as a tavern in the seventeenth century, while in 1744 a post office with a stable and a small church was installed there.

Purchased by the Italian state in 1982, after excavation and restoration work, now hosts a small museum which preserves Roman vases and ceramics from the 16th-19th centuries. Interesting is the room on the ground floor where headless statues from the Grottarossa area and a funerary altar found in Tor di Quinto near Ponte Milvio are exhibited.


POINT (12.486809 42.052106)

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Casale di Malborghetto, Via Barlassina, 1
Via Barlassina, 1
42° 3' 7.5816" N, 12° 29' 12.5124" E

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