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Accessible and multisensory: discovering MAXXI with the MIXT project

Foto Profilo ufficiale Facebook MAXXI - Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo
von 5 Oktober 2021 bis 31 Dezember 2021

Accessibility, inclusiveness, sharing, innovation and culture: the MIXT. Museo per tutti project is a multisensory journey to discover the MAXXI architecture thanks to the experience and narration of a team of deaf and visually impaired people, sharing their tactile exploration of the museum or their immersion in its fluid and sinuous spaces.

The experience comprise two narrative methods: “MAXXI to be heard”, based on the mediation of the participants with visual disabilities, and “MAXXI to be looked”, based on the mediation of deaf people. Both methods will enable real and virtual visitors to discover the spaces designed by Zaha Hadid from unprecedented and surprising perspectives. The pilot project is a phygital (physic + digital) experience combining an online itinerary (on the web platform www.mixt.it and via the mobile application prototype) with an on-site tour of the museum. Visitors can pick up a mobile device on loan from the museum infopoint or download the App and browse the 11 places of the itinerary located between the hall and Gallery 5 with the support of 14 video guides in Italian and international sign language, captions, audio descriptions and narrations in Italian, English and Braille, tactile maps and models.

All visitors can contribute to the collective story on the platform by sharing on social networks photographs, videos, audio files, etc. using the hashtag #MAXXIpertutti.

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Foto Profilo ufficiale Facebook MAXXI - Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo