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EU digital COVID Certificate and transport: the new rules in Italy

von 1 September 2021 bis 31 Dezember 2021

From 1 September, the new rules on the use of the EU digital COVID Certificate come into force: the certificate will be required for medium- and long-distance transport such as trains, airplanes and ships. This provision does not apply to children under the age of 12 and to individuals with specific medical certification.

On trains, the new provision applies to Intercity and high-speed trains ​​(Trenitalia Frecce and Italo Alta Velocità). Howvere, the certification is not necessary on regional trains, including those passing through more than two regions. As regards airplanes, in addition to international flights, the EU digital COVID Certificate is also required for domestic routes, on all flights departing from or arriving at Italian airports. It is the airlines’ responsibility to carry out the checks in order for passengers to access their transport services.

The EU digital COVID Certificate is not necessary on local public transport, that is on subways, trams, urban and regional buses. When travelling on long-distance buses passing through more than two regions, with pre-established itineraries, timetables, frequencies and prices, and on charter buses, the certification is instead mandatory.

The EU digital COVID Certificate for Italy is issued to those who have received one or two doses of the COVID vaccine, who have recovered from Coronavirus or who have taken a PCR or antigen test in the last 48 hours resulted negative.


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