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The California sea lions at the Bioparco

von 31 August 2021 bis 31 Dezember 2021

Their names are Samantha and Boomer and they are two lively California sea lions, among the most intelligent and vociferous mammals: since the end of July they have found a new home inside the blue area of ​​the Bioparco dedicated to marine life, just in front of the penguins. To accommodate them is a deep and wide tank equipped with a modern filtration system: a large window and a porthole allow visitors to observe these wonderful marine animals while they swim under water.

For the Bioparco of Rome and for all those who are actively involved in defending nature, sea lions are important ambassadors of the health of the sea. Threatening them is above all the pollution of the seas and the numerous tons of plastic that every year cause the death of many species. For this reason, in the educational area there is a large section created with the collaboration of WWF Italy, to raise public awareness and promote sustainable behaviors regarding the proper disposal of waste and the conscious purchase of products.

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