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Spazio Tevere Point: new itineraries and a web page to discover nature, sport and culture on the outskirts of Rome

Tevere Point - Teverexplora - Regione Lazio
von 17 August 2021 bis 31 Oktober 2021

According to legend, the history of Rome began right on its shores and it has never failed in its leading role ever since. Now, a few kilometers from the city, along its course, the new Spazio Tevere Point Center opens in the Nazzano Tevere-Farfa Nature Reserve, financed by the Lazio Region and entirely managed by under 35s.

The Center is a multidisciplinary space dedicated to sports and outdoor life. Primarily aimed at young people, it allows you to discover the Tiber Valley and have fun in the midst of nature thanks, for example, to Dragonboat courses, training and archery courses, bicycles with pedal assistance, kayaks and canoes, rowing, running and horse riding training and competitions. In order to follow all the activities organized by the Center and discover the area, it is possible to use the information and booking platform, which is organized into 5 sectors: Sport, Nature, Tourism, Navigability, Food and Wine. 

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Tevere Point - Teverexplora - Regione Lazio