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The Mausoleum of Augustus has finally reopened to the public

Mausoleo di Augusto
von 2 März 2021 bis 31 Dezember 2021

The largest circular tomb of the ancient world, and an emblem of the architectural magnificence of Roman times, is once again accessible to all.

The Mausoleum of Augustus, a jewel of the historical heritage of humanity, had been closed since 2007 due to the archaeological investigations preliminary to the realization of the large restoration project.

The project also provides an innovative multimedia adventure for an even more fascinating and spectacular visiting experience.

The construction site is still in progress but, thanks to the works carried out so far, the public can visit the central area and access other spaces in total safety.

Reservations for free visits open to all until 21 April are already sold out. Those for the period from 22 April to 30 June are already open. From 22 April, and for the whole of 2021, access is free for residents, while, for non-residents, tickets cost € 4 (full price) and € 3 (reduced price), to which € 1 must be added for presale.

Starting from 22 April, the visit will be enriched with digital content, in virtual and augmented reality.

The visit, lasting about 50 minutes, is available from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 4 pm (last admission at 3 pm), in compliance with the indications of the DPCM in force which sees the closure of places of culture at the weekend.

For more information and to pre-purchase the entrance ticket:


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