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Open Box - Contemporary art in the Aventine Hill gardens

Mara van Wees - L'ACQUA CHE NON C'È  (2020)

The Aventine Hill hosts contemporary sculpture with "Open Box", an exhibition project which transforms the green areas into wonderful open-air art galleries.

The experimental initiative gives artists the opportunity to exhibit their works in a unique landscape and historical context for a limited time. The event was conceived by AdA (Associazione Amici dell'Aventino) in collaboration with the Ufficio Giardini, to preserve and enhance the green areas of one of the most evocative places in the city. Soon, the idea is to receive new proposals, giving voice to the "under 35", and creating a dynamic gallery with the works displayed on a rotating basis.

This first edition features eight artists: within the protected walls of Sant'Alessio garden, Buggiani, Cascella, Monachesi and Santoro have expressed their creativity through durable materials such as iron, steel and ceramics, while Cruciani, Fioramanti, Ripandelli and van Wees have chosen the open spaces of Piero Piccioni gardens and piazza Albina for their site-specific and land art installations.

Photo: Mara van Wees - L'ACQUA CHE NON C'È  (2020)


von 19 Dezember 2020 bis 28 Februar 2021
POINT (12.4811557 41.8819628)
Web site:

Da sabato 19 dicembre 2020 al 28 febbraio 2021

Mostra d'arte contemporanea nei Giardini di Sant’Alessio
Piazza Albina e Piero Piccioni

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Open Box - L'arte contemporanea nei giardini dell'Aventino, Piazza di Sant'Alessio
Piazza di Sant'Alessio
41° 52' 55.0668" N, 12° 28' 52.1616" E

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