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La lezione di Raffaello. Le antichità romane

Filippo Bigioli - La Fornarina visita Raffaello, Galleria comunale d'arte moderna San Severino Marche

The Villa di Capo di Bove, inside the homonymous complex in Via Appia Antica, hosts La lezione di Raffaello. Le antichità romane, which, through paintings, engravings, books and drawings, presents some of the contents of the letter written by the artist to Pope Leo X in 1519: words that gave rise to a new look at the ancient finds and gave birth to a humanistic and scientific revolution.

The exhibition aims to be a contribution to the history of the cultural heritage of the great Renaissance artist and, at the same time, Via Appia. It is curated by Ilaria Sgarbozza and promoted by Parco Archeologico dell’Appia Antica with the organization of Electa and the support of the National Committee for the celebration of the 500th anniversary of Raphael's death.

The event is focused on two themes: the fortune of the Letter, which remains in the historiography, literature and figurative works of the 19th century, becoming a reference text for the protection policies of European nations, and the survey and cataloguing of ancient monuments, carried out by Raffaello and his pupils, in particular by Pirro Ligorio. Ligorio was a Neapolitan architect, an academic, and a fundamental interpreter of Raphael's lesson. With his architectural drawings and graphic notes, he perfectly represented the ancient tombs located along the regina viarum and Via Latina.

The artworks displayed - starting with the famous letter, available on a screen which allows the public to browse and listen - represent the story of Raphael's international consecration as the master of the modern culture of protecting monumental, archaeological and artistic heritage. Also on display is the masterpiece “La Fornarina visita Raffaello”, painted by Filippo Bigioli in 1855, courtesy of the Municipality of San Severino Marche.

The location hosting the exhibition was purchased by the State in 2002 in the Capo di Bove complex, a significant archaeological area with a thermal plant dating back to the second half of the second century A.D. and since 2008 home to the archive of Antonio Cederna, an intellectual and journalist, point of reference for the recent history of the Appia Antica.

Photo: Filippo Bigioli, La Fornarina visita Raffaello, 1855, olio su tela. San Severino Marche, Galleria comunale d'arte moderna. Courtesy Comune di San Severino Marche


von 18 September 2020 bis 29 November 2020
POINT (12.524936 41.848254)
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Dal 18 settembre al 29 novembre 2020
Visitabile dal giovedì alla domenica, dalle 9.00 alle 18.30 con ultimo ingresso alle 18.00

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La lezione di Raffaello. Le antichità romane, Via Appia Antica, 222
Via Appia Antica, 222
41° 50' 53.7144" N, 12° 31' 29.7696" E

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