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From the Past

From the Past

Time as a continuous flow of the past into the present, thanks to memory, and of the present into the future: “From the Past”, the free exhibition organized by the Korean Cultural Institute, starts precisely from the concept of the continuity of time. It presents the Korean art through the ages, showing the potential and vitality of traditional culture. All the works on display come from the past but are reinterpreted through modern technology, giving life to a multimedia exhibition with which visitors can interact.

Three rooms host the exhibition: the central one is dedicated to the past, starring the artist Junghwan Sung who reinterprets traditional and Buddhist paintings through animation techniques and 3D graphics. With a simple touch of the screen, it is also possible to listen to traditional Korean instruments.

The room focusing on the present is curated by the artist Seung ku Han: inside visitors can play the Buk, the barrel drum still used today, and discover the Hanbok, since the first century BC the traditional Korean costume.

In the room about the future, the group of multimedia artists Le Congpoje reinterprets the world of the poet, calligrapher and painter Jeong-hui Kim, who lived between the 1700s and the 1800s, with interactive videos and sounds. The beauty of the forms of his works is compared, for example, to that of the Korean alphabet, whose characters are made visible in a three-dimensional space. 


from 26 Februar 2020 to 26 März 2020
POINT (12.5041663 41.9109456)
Web site:

Dal 26 febbraio al 26 marzo 2020
dal lunedì al giovedì 10.30-20.00
venerdì 10.30-18.00
chiuso sabato e domenica

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Sonntag, Samstag
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From the Past, Via Nomentana, 12
Via Nomentana, 12
41° 54' 39.4056" N, 12° 30' 14.9976" E

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