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Tuscolo Archaeological Cultural Park

Parco Archeologico Culturale di Tuscolo-Foto sito ufficiale parco

The Tuscolo Archaeological Cultural Park extends between the municipalities of Montecompatri, Monte Porzio, Frascati and Grottaferrata and represents the historical and cultural heart of the Castelli Romani.

Inside the park there are the remains of the ancient Latin town of Tusculum, which, according to myth, was founded by Telegono, son of Ulysses and the sorceress Circe; the first traces of human settlements found on the site are very ancient and date back to the Middle Bronze Age (14th century BC).

Founded around the 10th century BC,Tusculum became one of the most important cities of the Latin League, which opposed the expansionism of Rome, from which it was however defeated in the famous battle of Lake Regillo in 496 BC.

Under the dominion of Rome, the town and its territory were the favorite summer residence of emperors, senators and writers, inaugurating a tradition that continues to this day. Among the most famous villas, we remember that of Silla, Cicero, Lucullo, Tiberio and Matidia.

During the Middle Ages the city was a stronghold of the powerful dynasty of the Counts of Tusculum (XI-XII century) which gave birth to many popes; becoming a rival of Rome, Tusculum was destroyed in 1191.

Among the buildings of greatest interest within the archaeological park we mention the theater, built in the first half of the 1st century BC. that, in the period of maximum development of the city, it welcomed up to 2000 spectators; in the forensic area the remains of the basilica, the archaic fountain and the temple of Mercury are visible.

Along the ancient Via dei Sepolcri it is also possible to admire the extra-urban sanctuary, overlooking the Latina Valley and a thermal building. On the acropolis, which has recently been the subject of archaeological excavations, the ancient walls, the ruins of the medieval fortress of the Tuscan Counts and the Basilica dedicated to the Holy Trinity have been brought to light.

Finally, outside the Tusculum wall perimeter, there are the remains of the amphitheater, mostly underground, which occupies a small valley immersed in the vegetation of what was once the Sacred Wood.

Foto credits: Courtesy of Tuscolo Archaeological Cultural Park official site

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