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LabCostume, Sartoria teatrale femminile
LabCostume, Sartoria teatrale femminile

Located in Valle Aurelia, LabCostume was founded in 2006 as a training school for theatrical costume designers and tailors, with the aim of continuing the tradition of Rome’s historic theatrical tailors, handing down experiences and skills and spreading an entrepreneurial and artisan culture among young people.

Educational offerings are divided into one-year courses (Costume Designer for Theater and Cinema, Women’s Theater Tailoring, Men’s Theater Tailoring, Professional Tailoring and Figurine), specialization courses (Historical Substructures, Historical Millinery, Professional Tailoring II) and short courses (Basic Tailoring, Historical and Modern Corsetry, Fabric Dyeing and Aging). The basic training is open to everyone, even those with no experience in the field, while the advanced level training complements a course, specializing those who wish to build even more solid experience and develop more than one skill. At the end of the courses, a certificate of participation is issued and students are given the opportunity to enter the job market through internships and apprenticeships.

In 2007, LabCostume took over the historic Roman costume-maker BI.MI, founded by Bice Minori, and carries on its history by making custom work and fine costumes from sketches or paintings, and by renting costumes and accessories for film and theater productions. The costumes are available to course students and to scholars, public and private entities upon request.

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LabCostume, Via Giovan Battista Gandino, 56
Via Giovan Battista Gandino, 56
41° 54' 6.5592" N, 12° 26' 15.1836" E


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LabCostume, Sartoria teatrale femminileLabCostume, Sartoria teatrale femminileLabCostumeLabCostume

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