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Casal Rotondo

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Along the via Appia Antica, at the sixth mile, is Casal Rotondo, the largest circular mausoleum of the "Regina Viarum". The imposing funeral monument dates back to the end of the 1st century BC. and it was originally covered in travertine. Its name is due to a farmhouse built on the ruins of the mausoleum.

Among the marble fragments found near the tomb during excavations in the mid-nineteenth century, an inscription with the name "Cotta" suggested that the mausoleum belonged to the consul Messalla Corvino, of the same family. This hypothesis was later refuted.


POINT (12.555586 41.820984)

The monument is visible from the outside only

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Casal Rotondo, Via Appia Antica
Via Appia Antica
41° 49' 15.5424" N, 12° 33' 20.1096" E


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