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Valley of the Caffarella

Parco della Caffarella

An integral part of the Park of the Appia Antica, it provides the its main entry. The Valley’s name derives from the most important estate located here, the Caffarelli Family’s.

The park abounds with historical and archaeological  sites, prompting the recent creation of a local committee which, in cooperation with municipal councils, has been waging a series campaigns to heighten awareness about this area which has for so long remained hidden to the public.

The main path of the Valley of the Caffarella, scene of myths and legends intertwined with the history of Rome, features a wide range of biodiversity as well as important historical heritage, such as a part of the Triopius of Herod Atticus.

Entering the park via the Via Latina entrance in correspondence with Largo Tacchi e Venturi, head right up to Via della Caffarella and follow the path to the Appia Antica, approximately 6 km away.

Along the way you'll encounter: the Casale della Vaccareccia, consisting of a medieval tower and a sixteenth century farmhouse, built by Caffarelli who, in the sixteenth century, reclaimed the area; the Sepolcro di Annia Regilla, a sepulchral monument shaped like a small temple, and the meandering Almone river, a small tributary of the Tiber, thought to be sacred by the ancient Romans.
The route ends on the old Appian Way, near the Domine Quo Vadis Church, which rises on the place where, according to tradition, after the appearance of Jesus, Saint Peter repented and decided to return to Rome, where he was crucified.
Starting point: Via Latina - Finish: Appia Antica (Domine Quo Vadis Church)


POINT (12.517898 41.861646)

Punti Info
Casale dell'Ex Mulino - Via della Caffarella, 23
Aperto al pubblico il sabato e la domenica (tranne gennaio, luglio e a agosto).
Orario di apertura:
10-16 ora solare
10-18 ora legale.
Visite guidate al Sepolcro di Annia Regilla in primavera e autunno: la seconda domenica del mese alle ore 11.00.

Casa del Parco Valle della Caffarella - Casale Vigna Cardinali 
Ingresso via Latina - Largo Tacchi Venturi.
è aperta tutti i giorni dalle 9.30 alle 13 e dalle 14 alle 17 (fino al tramonto nella stagione estiva). Visite guidate, nolo bici, laboratori per bambini, orto didattico

Web site:
Area gioco attrezzata per bambini
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Parco della Caffarella, Via della Caffarella
Via della Caffarella
41° 51' 41.9256" N, 12° 31' 4.4328" E

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