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Ponte Nomentano

The characteristic Ponte Nomentano, an embattled and turreted bridge, has been a beloved subject for artists since the 17th century. On top of the arch is the blazon of Pope Nicholas V, who restored it after the damages suffered by the Goths and the Byzantines. Here Pope Leo III met Charlemagne, who came to Rome to be crowned Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire in 800. Near the bridge is the so called Monte Sacro, where the rebellious plebs (345 BC) were calmed by the famous apologue by Menenius Agrippa and by the concession of the Tribunate.


POINT (12.5341617 41.9340559)
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Ponte Nomentano, Via Nomentana, 434
Via Nomentana, 434
41° 56' 2.6016" N, 12° 32' 2.9832" E

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