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Museum of the Via Ostiense-Porta San Paolo

Museo della Via Ostiense - Porta San Paolo Foto Sovrintendenza Speciale

The museum is located inside Porta San Paolo, a famous passage in the Aurelian walls, built in the third century AD. and structured on two archways from which depart Via Ostiense and the ancient Via Laurentina.

Inside there are casts of inscriptions, reliefs and funerary stones, which tell the path of the ancient road that connected Rome to Ostia.

Among the most important archaeological finds, we can find: frescoes from a tomb of the third century AD. from the Basilica of San Paolo, objects of everyday life, a series of imperial portraits, sarcophagi and mosaics, including the one in opus sectile from the 4th century AD. Prints and photographs enrich the exhibition.

In the eastern tower there are remains of frescoes dating from the late thirteenth and early fourteenth century, coming from a chapel of the Byzantine community.


Photo: Courtesy Sovrintendenza Speciale di Roma

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Museo della Via Ostiense - Porta San Paolo, Via Raffaele Persichetti, 3
Via Raffaele Persichetti, 3
41° 52' 36.246" N, 12° 28' 51.15" E


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