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A new cultural hub at Palazzo Brancaccio

Foto profilo ufficiale facebook Palazzo Brancaccio
from 20 July 2021 to 30 September 2021

It is one of the most important 19th-century Roman palaces, overlooking Via Merulana and chosen as the location for unforgettable films such as “Roman Holidays” and “The Great Beauty”. Thanks to the partnership between Contemporary Cluster and SPAZIO FIELD, the largest private cultural hub in the city will open its doors to the public here starting from the end of September. Its name is Contemporary Cluster [Collective Intelligence] and it aims at merging different experiences and enhancing realities and excellences in the field of arts, culture and catering.

On the “piano nobile” of the Palazzo, SPAZIO FIELD, with its over 5,000 square meters of indoor and outdoor spaces, will offer a rich artistic program accompanied by lectures, workshops, round tables, presentations of books and magazines. Immersed in the museum space, there will also be a new lounge area with high-quality catering. In spring and summer, the Outdoor artistic project will come to light in the palace nymphaeum, with festival and wave capsules from the Italian film and sound panorama. However, the Contemporary Cluster visit starts from the Tube, a long corridor of 130 square meters that accompanies visitors with multimedia works and glitch art. On the ground floor, a space of 400 square meters called Africano will host the exhibitions of the youngest artists; on the sixth floor, Apartamento is instead the space dedicated to the exhibition of major design brands and to Cluster Atelier, a studio-room to host artists who will work here for a specific time.

The list of partners who will contribute to the project is also long, such as Visioni Parallele, Numero Cromatico, Ginnika, Perimetro, the most important Italian photographic community, Live Cinema Festival, an event with audio-visual performances, Purple Brain, an organization of events linked to to the world of contemporary electronic music and Tmag, a magazine that blends music, fashion and design together.

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Media gallery
Foto profilo ufficiale facebook Palazzo Brancaccio