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Video makes you happy - Video art in Italy

Palazzo delle Esposizioni and Galleria d'Arte Moderna di Roma Capitale host a large exhibition dedicated to video art and art cinema in Italy from the late 1960s to the present day.

The exhibition, curated by Valentina Valentini, highlights the importance of artistic production, creative initiatives and video experimentation in our country as an international cultural reference point.

The project involves more than 100 artists who have made the electronic and digital device the privileged means of their audio-visual production, research and experimentation in the last sixty years. On display are single-channel videos, video installations, multimedia and interactive, and devices retracing the works production and historical process, for a total of 20 installations and over 300 works collected in dedicated reviews, for more than 80 hours of projection.

The exhibition path at the Galleria d'Arte Moderna winds through single-channel works and installations from the centres of production and dissemination of video art with a strong international vocation, active in Italy since the 1960s. The Palazzo delle Esposizioni focuses on the transformations of installation format in its dialogue with space and technological devices from the end of the 1960s to the 21st century.

Photo: MASBEDO, Galleria d'Arte Moderna Official Website

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from 12 April 2022 to 4 September 2022
POINT (12.485674 41.904062)
POINT (12.4865721 41.9037349)
Web site:

From April 12 to September 4, 2022
Tuesday to Sunday from 10. 00 to 18. 30
last entrance half an hour before closing
Closed on Mondays

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Il video rende felici. Videoarte in Italia, Via Francesco Crispi, 24
Via Francesco Crispi, 24
41° 54' 14.6232" N, 12° 29' 8.4264" E
Il video rende felici. Videoarte in Italia, Via Zucchelli, 7
Via Zucchelli, 7
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