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Tellurica. Pino Genovese/ Alberto Timossi

Tellurica. Pino Genovese/Alberto Timossi

The Galleria d'Arte Moderna di Roma Capitale hosts the exhibition dedicated to the project by Pino Genovese and Alberto Timossi, who present two unreleased works born from a joint effort.

Curated by Davide Silvioli, Tellurica displays a series of photographs that testify to the cooperation between Genovese and Timossi and brings together the research of the two authors starting from the inclination of both to create in open space, with interventions on an environmental scale. The two works merge the languages of the two artists, showing, also with the images, the distinctive materials used, reclaimed wood for Genovese and PVC for Timossi, and dialoguing with the late sixteenth-century architectural spaces of the Capitoline museum. The result is an eclectic aesthetic which combines archaic dimension and industrial artefact, geophysical matter and synthetic material, nature and human intervention.

The exhibition winds through three halls, starting from the exterior with the sculpture Innesto and then moving on to the cloister of sculptures, where the group of images in the cloister-garden anticipates the evocative installation that gives the project its title.

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from 14 July 2023 to 15 October 2023
POINT (12.485674 41.904062)
POINT (12.4865721 41.9037349)
Web site:

Dal 14 luglio al 15 ottobre 2023
dal martedì alla domenica ore 10.00-18.30
Ultimo ingresso mezz’ora prima della chiusura
Giorno di chiusura

Giorni di chiusura 
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Tellurica. Pino Genovese/ Alberto Timossi, Via Francesco Crispi, 24
Via Francesco Crispi, 24
41° 54' 14.6232" N, 12° 29' 8.4264" E
Tellurica. Pino Genovese/ Alberto Timossi, Via Zucchelli, 7
Via Zucchelli, 7
41° 54' 13.446" N, 12° 29' 11.6592" E

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