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Special projects at Casina di Raffaello

Progetti Speciali a Casina di Raffaello-Foto: sito ufficiale di turismoroma

The year opens with new special projects at the Casina di Raffaello and is divided into two courses, depending on the age of the children: the first, entitled "Discovering emotions", curated and conducted by the psychologist Marta Ferranti is aimed at weaned children – of about 24-36 months - accompanied by an adult. The meetings include weekly workshops during which the book "The colors of emotions" by Anna Llenas, accompanies the children to discover the main emotions, fundamental forms of communication which influence relationships and give expression to needs and requirements. Painting, manipulation and creative activities with different kinds of materials help participants to explore each emotion and to treasure the experience.

The second, entitled "Let's play together!", dedicated to children aged 4 to 7, organized by the theater company BLOOM Theatre, includes a series of theater workshops in English conducted by Natalìa Cavalleri and Chiara Carpentieri, actresses and theater operators for childhood. Each meeting, conducted in English - with translations into Italian - develops a different theme through theatrical activities (theatrical games, dramatizations of small skits, shadow puppets, puppet theatre), music (songs and nursery rhymes in English), art - manual and choreographic. Through these theatrical activities, from playing together to playing in pairs, from improvisation to staging, children have the opportunity to learn the foreign language more naturally, which is no longer perceived as distant, difficult and incomprehensible, but as a different language from that used in everyday life.

Photo credits: turismoroma official site


from 21 January 2023 to 18 February 2023
POINT (12.4869973 41.9122209)
Web site: 

Dal 14 gennaio al 18 febbraio 2023
I giorni e gli orari dei singoli laboratori sono indicati nel campo descrizione

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Progetti Speciali a Casina di Raffaello, Via della Casina di Raffaello
Via della Casina di Raffaello
41° 54' 43.9956" N, 12° 29' 13.1892" E

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