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So it is (if you like)

Così è (se vi pare)-Foto: Antonio Parrinello

The Teatro Argentina presents So it is (if you like), one of Luigi Pirandello's most performed dramas, directed by Luca De Fusco. Taken from the novella Mrs. Frola and Mr. Ponza, her son-in-law, the play was performed for the first time in June 1917 and revolves around one of the central themes of Pirandello's poetics, namely the unknowability of reality - of which each he can give his own interpretation - which often does not coincide with that of others. The result is a relativism of forms, conventions and exteriority, an impossibility of knowing the absolute truth.

The drama takes place in a small provincial town, where Mr. Ponza arrives with his wife and the elderly lady Frola, whom Ponza presents as the mother of his deceased first wife, explaining to everyone that the pain of losing her daughter it drove her crazy, enough to convince her that his current wife is his daughter. The elderly lady, however, claims the exact opposite, that is, that the madman is her son-in-law, who believes that her daughter is still alive and dead. The enigma greatly disconcerts the inhabitants of the town, who unsuccessfully try to extricate themselves between truth and madness, until the final revelation which will leave everyone amazed and dismayed.

With Eros Pagni, Anita Bartolucci, Domenico Bravo, Roberto Burgio, Valeria Contadino, Giovanna Mangiù, Plinio Milazzo, Giacinto Palmarini, Lara Sansone, Paolo Serra, Irene Tetto.

Photo credits: Antonio Parrinello


from 3 April 2024 to 14 April 2024
POINT (12.476362 41.895619)
Online purchase:
Web site:ì-è-se-vi-pare

dal 3 al 14 aprile 2024

Prima, martedì e venerdì ore 20.00
Mercoledì e sabato ore 19.00
Giovedì e domenica ore 17.00
Lunedì riposo

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Così è (se vi pare), Largo di Torre Argentina, 52
Largo di Torre Argentina, 52
41° 53' 44.2284" N, 12° 28' 34.9032" E

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