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Food & Wine

Pagina di snodo Tassonomia
I carciofi

Il principe "verde" della cucina romana

Colazione romana di Pasqua

Taste many sweet and savory dishes for a delicious and abundant meal

La carbonara

One of the most popular dishes of traditional Roman cuisine

I peperoni

The Romans historically love vegetables, so much to make them the protagonists of many preparations of the rural tradition, simple but tasty.

“Mica pizza e fichi”, it’s not pizza and figs!

Pomodori con il riso

With the arrival of summer, tomatoes with rice are a must for the Capitoline gastronomy: colourful, tasty and fragrant, a real explosion of Mediterranean aromas.

Saltimbocca alla romana ph. Gambero Rosso

«Veal chops of milk, seasoned lightly with salt and pepper, on top of each of which is placed half a leaf of sage (a whole would be too much) and on the sage a slice of fat and lean ham.».

Soutè di Lupini o di Cannolicchi

The traditional cuisine of Rome includes very many seafood or fish recipes.

Spaghetti cacio e pepe

Una ricetta semplice ma carica di storia

Telline del litorale romano

The sand along Rome’s coastline presents a rather particular quality and grain size which, between Passoscuro and Capo d’Anzio, create ideal fishing conditions for the tellina (Donax trunculus), a

Le alici nella cucina ebraico-romanesca

Visible signs of the millennial presence in Rome of Jewish culture is found in the cuisine of the capital that offers historical recipes related to Jewish Roman tradition with a focus on the choice

Trippa alla romana ph. Gambero Rosso

Trippa alla Romana is a very ancient dish of the typical Roman cuisine which is traditionally eaten on Saturday lunch in many trattorias in Trastevere and

Uva Pizzutello

Sweet, crunchy and pulpy: it is the Pizzutello grape, characteristic of the area of Tivoli

Vignarola romana

A real hymn to Spring, Vignarola is a simple recipe from the rural tradition.