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Chiesa dei SS. Quattro

Chiesa dei SS. Quattro

The name of the church refers to different stories about the history of martyrs. According to tradition, the "crowned" (the reference is to the crown of martyrdom) were four soldiers who refused to worship the statue of the god Asclepius; another legend instead tells of four sculptors killed for not having carved a statue of Asclepius. The church, together with the nearby convent, preserves its medieval character. In particular, when it is viewed from the apse, at the corner of Via dei SS. Quattro and Via dei Querceti, its function as a fort to defend the Lateran, what was then the papal residence, is clearly seen. The oldest church dates to the fifth century AD.; in the ninth century, a new basilica was built, whose bell tower, the oldest in the city, has been preserved. Following a fire, it was largely rebuilt at the beginning of the twelfth century under Pope Paschal II. Ancient granite columns with Corinthian capitals divide the naves; overhead, five arcades create a gallery with columns with Ionic capitals. The naves and the transept are covered with a floor created in Cosmati style. The cloister, which is accessed from the left nave, dates to the beginning of the thirteenth century: it is a poetic square, brightened by plants and flowers, with a fountain from the twelfth century decorated with lion heads in the middle; a small porch surrounds it. The arches rest on double columns with capitals and foliage.


POINT (12.4981534 41.8886624)

Open everyday 10:00am-11:45pm 04:00pm-05:45pm
Closed Sunday 10.00a.m.-11.45a.m.
Visitors are not  allowed  during  Mass (religious services)
For services schedule please call the Church.
Opening times are subject to change. Please call the Church or visit:



+39 06 77262545
Mobile phone: 
Per informazioni turistiche +39 335 49 52 48
+39 06 70475427
Web site:
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Chiesa dei SS. Quattro , Via dei Santi Quattro, 20
Via dei Santi Quattro, 20
41° 53' 19.1832" N, 12° 29' 53.3508" E

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