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Piergiorgio Milano –White Out

Piergiorgio Milano – White Out-Foto: sito ufficiale dell'Auditorium Parco della Musica

The dance show White Out at the Auditorium Parco della Musica, conceived and directed by Piergiorgio Milano, manages to harmonize contemporary dance, creative circus and mountain climbing, giving the whole a strong cinematic and theatrical character. Three dancers give life to the narrative of a drama that took place in the mountains, told through flashbacks and temporal alternations between the different scenes: through these devices, the show addresses the themes of friendship, trust, risk, death, following the events of a small community of mountaineers on their initiatory journey.

White out is in fact the term used in mountaineering to define the total loss of visibility in the sense of distance and direction which occurs when the uniform whiteness of a heavy cloud cover "merges" with a snow-covered ground, which reflects almost all the light that it receives, preventing it from advancing or retreating. This is a condition of forced waiting which can lead to very serious consequences and which represents a border between life and death. In this sense the show pays homage to all the mountaineers who have disappeared or risked disappearing in the uniform whiteness of the mountain.

White Out is a dramatic but also ironic show, in which the technical and virtuosic aspect of the movement accompanies lighter moments of the narrative and which evokes human interiority itself in the natural landscape recreated on stage.

With Javier Varela Carrera, Luca Torrenzieri, Piergiorgio Milano; the show is part of the Equilibrio dance festival.

Photo credits: courtesy of the Auditorium Parco della Musica official site


21 Février 2024
POINT (12.4751908 41.9291165)
0039 06 80241281
Web site: 
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Piergiorgio Milano – "White Out", Viale Pietro De Coubertin, 30
Viale Pietro De Coubertin, 30
41° 55' 44.8212" N, 12° 28' 30.6876" E

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