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The instant and eternity. Between us and the ancients

L’istante e l’eternità. Tra noi e gli antichi-Foto: sito ufficiale del Museo Nazionale Romano – Terme di Diocleziano

The exhibition at the National Roman Museum - Diocletian’s Baths, conceived and curated by Massimo Osanna, Stéphane Verger, Maria Luisa Catoni and Demetrios Athanasoulis, presents around 300 exceptional pieces including Greek, Roman, Etruscan and Italic, medieval, modern and contemporary works, investigating interestingly the complex and multifaceted relationship that we contemporaries have with the ancients.

Some of the very representative works on display come not only from the main Italian museums, as part of the National Museum System coordinated by the General Directorate of Museums, but also from important institutions in Greece. Furthermore, many finds are on public display for the first time: among these, new discoveries, such as the parade float of Civita Giuliana and the statue of Hercules of the Appia Antica Archaeological Park; new acquisitions, such as the Tabula Chigi of the Roman National Museum, and above all numerous masterpieces usually kept in the deposits of museums in Italy and Greece, such as the statue of Santorini.

For the occasion, after decades, some of the Great Halls of the Diocletian’s Baths reopen to the public, which hosted the Archaeological Exhibition in 1911 as part of the celebrations for the first fiftieth anniversary of the Unification of Italy and which still today preserve part of the historical setting of the fifties.

Texts in facilitated language created by the MNR Educational Service are available, specifically dedicated to people with cognitive disabilities and their companions, to allow the preparation of the visit and facilitate the understanding of the exhibition itinerary for this public with special needs.

Photo credits: courtesy of the National Roman Museum - Diocletian’s Baths


depuis 4 Mai 2023 à 30 Juillet 2023
POINT (12.5001804 41.903131)
Online purchase: 
Web site: 

Dal 4 maggio al 30 luglio 2023
Dal martedì alla domenica dalle ore 11.00 – 18.00
Lunedì chiuso

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L’istante e l’eternità. Tra noi e gli antichi, Viale Enrico De Nicola, 79
Viale Enrico De Nicola, 79
41° 54' 11.2716" N, 12° 30' 0.648" E

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